Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Maelstrom may describe this day. As I posted this morning, I knew it would be full, little did I know how full it would actually be. But it was a good full, not a bad full. A vortex of activity that drew us in, irresistible, irreversible. We were able to share with very desperate children today, and it was a marvel to behold. Karen was a show stopper with a fantastic message of hope for the children. In Des dunes we touched close to 250 children! And we did it right on a street corner, I might better describe it as a place where two rough dirt roads made contact with each other. We marshaled our weary frames through a very dusty land, in a very hot sun, needless to say tonight there is not much left. We still have one day to go! Stephen and I sit here at a pretty comfortable kitchen table, both tapping away on our iPads. Last minute reporting and checking in to do. My list for the last day is longer than I desire, but ultimately it is up to God what is to be accomplished. So we will strike out early to finish what we can. It has been a trip for veterans to be sure, it has been rugged and furious, but we have done what we came to do! Tonight the concrete work is almost finished, the electrical work is all done except for a couple of fixtures, we have had a great trip! It is not without its struggles. One meets things moment by moment where your first instinctual reaction is to recoil, but then you are remiss to be reminded of who sent you here, to trust His protection, and forge ahead to spread love and hope to the hopeless. In this land of great desperation and tragedy, we continue to be this bright light, this beacon calling out to the lost, the wayward, the broken. What a privilege to serve here, to interact with these beloved people, to witness the great change hope brings. It will be great to pillow my head on a real pillow, on a real mattress, with a bathroom with hot and cold running water. To re-enter the strata of the universe that I know like the back of my hand. But what tempers my excitement, that restrains my enthusiasm is the knowledge of what I know these people are chained to. While I fall into the lap of luxury, a child sleeps on the roadside atop a freezer that is now just a overgrown ice chest. Curled up in the dust, the wind, the roar of the street it sleeps. What ever will morning bring for this little one? Will morning even come at all? My heart weeps, there is much yet to be done, more hope to be spread, more lives to be touched. I know when I leave I will have done my best, and that will be good enough for the God I serve. But we leave with more to do, so as time is my friend, and zeal is my fuel, I will press on, I will return, I will be faithful to do my part until my time is spent, and my name is called. To my little mat I go, to join the rest in uneasy sleep, to dream of a healed country, a restored nation, a land of promise and blessing. Blessings upon blessings to all tonight!


Noah Reyhl said...

It's awesome to see al your hearts being pour in the lives of the Haitian people. I was reminded earlier today as I read in Mark about the lady who tossed in the 2 coins. As I read the words "...put in everything-all she had to live on." was just engrained in my head. How often do put in everything for God? Am I truly going all in for the Gospel? This is prime example of what Christ did, I mean literally put himself all in when he chose to die on the cross for us. Nothing held him back he gave up everything and gave up what was most valuable... His life. I just want to encourage you guys for what an awesome influence you are having. For a lot of you it cost a lot- whether in finances, time, being with family members, or even having to give up your pride of know where you could spend this money instead of going to Haiti. It seems to me that there is a group of people in Haiti right now that were willing to put the two coins in. I just want to say thank you and also say don't let it die when you get back to the states. Sometimes I see the US just as broken maybe in different ways and different parts, but go all in for the gospel. Travel safe!

Anonymous said...

What a touching section you wrote, Kel -"Recoil." -makes your heart break-I'm so glad we're on Jesus' Team. May angels attend you -each one your last few hours in the country we love so dearly called Haiti. The picture of the church service -what a crowd & could hardly imagine 250 children in Des Dunes! -want to hear details & see pics when you can handle it-be glad to get you all home & so proud of what good soldiers you've all been. Loads of Love from here, MDJ Hugs for Bob & all.Ps.121

Anonymous said...

Dearest Haiti team,
What a week it has been for you! I'm amazed your final night is here...and I celebrate with you the amazing things God has done this week. He's opened doors, orchestrated events, and been in the details. He has protected and guided you, done above what anyone could have imagined, and expanded His kingdom. I hope goodbyes will be sweet and filled with love. I know they will. And I know your hearts break and there will be tears as you leave behind people who have become precious to you. Remember we have eternity to be together! Our hearts here at home are ready to welcome you back. Our arms can't wait to embrace you. Our ears are eager to hear stories you want to share. Rest peacefully tonight, and travel safely tomorrow!
With much love,

jake T said...

Matthew 5:14
“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.
Your collective lights are shining brightly, I feel like I can see them from here. God bless you all, thanks for your commitment and service for the Kingdom!