Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Good morning from Haiti! I laugh at myself when I look at the clock and it's only 9:00 and I have been up since 6:00 and think that back home I would easily sleep till now. And then I think, wow, it only takes me half an hour to get completely ready in the mornings. I don't know if all of this will carry over to when I get home, but it has definitely given me some perspective on what I use my time to do at home! We got to sit and have a nice breakfast of peaches and cream oatmeal with Grandpa this morning, I can't even explain how nice it is to have him here with us! We left the house at about 8:00 and went right over to order a big tanker truck of water to be taken out to the job. Grandpa needed a part for something today so we stopped downtown and Kelly and Rob ran out to see if they could find it. When they got back with the part Kelly asked me to come out and see something quick. So all four of us ended up hopping out of the car and into the hustle and bustle of everyone selling their wares and crossed the street to a certain ladies little "store" which consisted of a blanket and umbrella with all of her things to sell. I have been wanting another cooler because we have the one really big cooler and one really little cooler, I have needed something in between. This lady was selling one that was used but in fairly decent shape so we asked her the price. 400 hundred Haitian or about 50 dollars American! I was like there is no way! So I asked if she would take 200 Haitian which she said no. So we turned around and started walking away and I was thinking she wasn't going to budge but we hadn't taken five steps and she was calling us back agreeing to the price. Lol I guess I'm getting my bargaining skills on! Now I am the proud new owner of a dirty little igloo cooler! Yay! On our way back to the car I got a couple different offers that were a bit more strange then usual. A couple of ladies asked Rob if he would give me to them, and one lady even offered that I could marry her son! Haha! Don't worry to much, I think between my grandfather, brother and Robinson I won't be marrying a Haitian man any time soon or ever for that matter! We are now out to the job and the guys are busy working away. We will go back home for lunch, Naromie is making some fried chicken for me to serve with the boys sandwiches, then we will be back out here for the rest of the afternoon.

Something else little I have been thinking I should write about is Kelly. He just absolutely shines in the Haitian culture in anything he goes to do. He is so outgoing, especially with the language. Most of the time he ends up saying something completely different then what he meant to but the people just love him for it! I on the other hand am a lot more shy, a neighbor lady even came to Rob and asked if he was helping me with Creole at all because she never heard me say anything! I actually feel like I am getting a pretty decent handle on the language so I have gone to greater strides to try and use it with everyone:) Because of how amazing Kelly does with everything I have constantly found myself thinking, Krystle you need to be more like Kelly, more outgoing and talkative and whatever else. I was praying about it, for the Lord to show me if there were certain areas I needed to change and work harder at when it all of a sudden it became perfectly clear. I am not Kelly, I will never be quite like Kelly or anyone else, God wanted me to come here to this country to help as Krystle because He knew I have something to offer these people. Whether everyone understands who I am and what I am doing doesn't matter as long as it's what God wants me to be doing. Don't get me wrong, there are always things to keep working on and changing in yourself to make you a better person and I am constantly checking myself for those things but this goes right along with something I have learned all my growing up days. Be who you are, not anyone else because as cheesy as it may sound, God made us all special:) So keep praying that Kelly and I will do what God has sent us here to do! Have a blessed day!



Anonymous said...

Awww.... You brought a tear to my eye! Great words of wisdom young lady. I've been thinking a lot lately on why God is bringing me back to Haiti. I've struggled with what can I do& what can I bring to the table. Although I don't have the answers I know God does. I believe that God speaks through others& once again I'm comforted by your words today! It encourages me to keep my feet moving in the right direction!

Anonymous said...

Krystle, the second part of your story is a very valuable life lesson learned during this experience, once again wise beyond your years. John always says he doesn't know one other person like me! LOL Yes, we can always work on ourselves, but we are each one special also. Great, great message. Glad Kelly has really found a niche for himself there. So happy your computer problem is fixed! I feel relieved your GPa is there with you for now. God Bless you. Gail

Jake T said...

Great words once again today, thanks for keeping us abreast to the goings on in Haiti. Sounds like God is moving all around you and Kelly down there and we are grateful for that. We are going to continue praying for you and Kelly. God bless, we miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Krystle So glad to hear from you guys,nothing to read LOL. I see your Grandpa made it fine and the Man took to working right away. Hey, the early mornings are a great part of the day, its a good thing you're enjoying that. Also great work on the bargain skills. I hope them two women were joking,maybe when you go to these places dress like a little boy LOL. I like what you learned and said about yourself, it is so true, makes me think, you are a wise little Lady! Seen some pictures your dad showed me, Kelly try to eat a little more BRO. LOVE YOU GUYS Praying every day J.

Anonymous said...

Hi K&K-One thing sure-the Lord has certainly given you unusual help to write since you've been there. What an inspiration you are -just telling things on your heart-& every day simple things-that's what makes up our lives -small & simple, everyday things. G& I miss you both a lot!!!!!-rested a little on your bed today-reading a couple more of your books-Thank you. -playing with Raj & Kelani-getting plenty of kisses from Raj-he followed me down the drive far enough on my walk yesterday I took him back to the house to be certain he'd be safe. -shared my tangerine & a peanut butter taste of a wheat thin-wrong move-what a sorrowful face he had -like where is more of that?
So proud of your efforts to help Dr.-much work, but will be praying for you about that-big job & will be so helpful! Something I love about you is your attitude of plunging in to do something new or hard-trusting Jesus to help you-& He does. Naromie must be an excellent cook for you to enjoy her meals-& glad G. Berg & Kelly have you to cook for them. More later-have been busy but carrying you both on our hearts. Kelly -got a few shirts ironed today for you-for 1st week you're home. Love & prayers & thanking Him for both of you. G&G P. XXXXXXXOOOOOO
Remember to inquire of Him concerning everything.

neil said...

I am very happy to see that you are growing up not only spiritually. You were an amazing girl and you are turning into an inspiring young lady. I couldn't be more proud of you. Take care of your brother and bo bo. I can't come down to get you, I will be joining you in November. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, I almost cried yesterday when I told someone about Haiti. God is good all the time.