Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day (Krystle)

I can't believe we are now six weeks into this journey! At first the days were going so slow and the weeks were just dragging but now it seems like we wake up and blink and it's time for bed! Things are going so well right now. We had a great Sunday afternoon, Rob found some gas so we could have the generator going. He gave us permission to stay home from church to FaceTime some of you back home and because of that he let Thaina and Adelaine stay with us. We played with them up on the roof in the rain and then came back inside to have an evening of popcorn and girly movies! Kelly was a good sport and we had a very fun time with them. They are two very different girls and yet they get along so well! Thaina is very dramatic and always acting, dancing or singing. Adelaine is a bit more reserved in public but when you get her to yourself she is one of the spunkiest girls I have ever met! Yesterday someone brought Robinson a live rooster as a gift! Naromie says she's going to keep it till Sunday then kill it to have a big chicken dinner with Kelly and I! But it hadn't been there more than an hour and had managed to fly over the fence and run away! Thaina and Adelaine were out the gate chasing after it and came back a while later with huge smiles proudly holding the rooster who was loudly protesting, so to take care of that Adelaine started spanking the thing! Haha! It never gets boring with those two girls around! Kelly bought speakers for the familie's TV this past weekend so everyone has really enjoyed that. Before you couldn't hear it 8 ft away! We can even hook up our iPhones to play music, so last night we had a dance party with the family before we left for the orphanage. Boo boo is absolutely hilarious! He loves music so he was dancing and clapping and laughing hysterically for an hour while we all sang and danced around him! He is even learning "Allelujia" which if you have attended a Haitian church service you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't, it's where you put your hands up in the air and wave them back and forth as fast as you possibly can while shouting "Allelujia!". Its the cutest thing ever! Especially since he doesn't own a shirt that will stay down over his fat little belly! We were sad to leave last night but we will be going back Sunday. 
Kelly has noticed that some of the people like Robinson and Manius have been showing up in the evenings with white styrofoam cups with lids and straws but every time we asked what it was they would just say "juice". We asked Rob if we could try one but he said he would rather us not because they are just made up on the street. Since we have been eating so much of their food and not getting sick he surprised us and brought us two "juices". Well I took a big sip out of mine and almost spit it back out. It was slightly sweet but then it seriously tasted like potatoes! I asked what it was while trying to look like it was really good and he said, "it's bananas and potatoes!" While I tried not to gag I looked over at Kelly who had the same look on his face lol! Well I didn't want to be rude so I just kept sipping on it but in the end I actually enjoyed it, the taste has to grow on you but it's really not bad and it was nice to just have something cold! 
The kids were really surprised and happy to see us this morning as they were all sleeping when we got here last evening. We ran some errands around town today and then came back for some lunch. We had to get some more pops today, we don't drink nearly as many as we do on the team trips except I'm on a strict diet of at least two a day now because we found that's what was causing most of my headaches, low sugar... weird I know but it seems to have taken care of it. Rob let us get glass bottles though! He hasn't ever let the team get them before but it turns out they are a ton cheaper than the plastic because you keep the bottles and trade them for new ones and they just keep getting recycled. So Kelly and I are having fun with those! Oh the things that seem special when your in Haiti! Lol! I think we will lay low the rest of the day and hang out with the kids. We sent Rob off to go find flowers for his wife so he can spend the rest of the day with her and the family. Hope everyone is well! Happy Valentines Day from Haiti! Krystle


Anonymous said...

ooooo! first comment! It sounds like u are having a great time wish I was thare!

Jake T said...

Rooster spanking! LOL that made me truly LOL this morning. Sounds like those children are so special and fun to be with,I am sure they can be a handful as well. Glad to hear that you figured out the headache issue, it's amazing how something so small can have a big impact, kinda like you Krystle lol. Kelly make sure and keep your toes covered,lol. We love you guys and we will continue praying for you everyday.

Anonymous said...

That is so Funny! Them two girls must have wheels, roosters are fast. It seems things are going much better, I'm glad you and Kelly are having fun on your special journey and doing the Lord's work. I hope Kelly's toe is healing now, it looks like he really NAILED it! LOL, sorry. I never did find out how he did it,well a good pair of cowboy boots will solve that problem. Krystle, glad you solved your headache problem. I thought it was that your braids were too tight. Miss Ya both and I will continue to pray John

Anonymous said...

Was nice to see ur faces tonight even though u couldn't see that I was sticking my tongue out @ ya! Lol it's been a long week here, been reminded about how blessed I am& how grateful I am to know Jesus. Emotions are running high this week but God knows& continues to provide strength& hope. It's good to hear all that He's doing for you two during this amazing journey. Will continue to uplift u in prayer! Love Niche

Eric and Nancy said...

Krystle and Kelly,

We are so glad you are both doing well. Did your folks tell you that Nancy is Pregnant? The Baby is due in early October:-) Kelly it been a long time since you have written a blog post. You better get busy and start writing one.

Love You Guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My dears-What a fun post your last one is. That rooster story struck us so funny. I have a thing about roosters after my last trip in -the one nextdoor I could have caught probably & readied for your dinner Sun. -until we discovered how valuable he was to the neighbors. He kept me awake too much.
We're both fine-glad G. B. will see you shortly now. -thanking the Lord Dr. V. is going in this next trip. The Lord has been helping here at home in so many ways -hearing & answering us.
Eat any good fruit or vegies you can get your hands on-cereal bars with fiber-keep drinking plenty of water. -glad you found a little sugar in pop takes care of the H/A. Hugs for each of the children-& for you both-Miss you tons. Practice His Presence all day. Wish mom & I could have been on the roof in the rain with you.
Loads of Love, G&G P. XXXXXOOOOOO

Alisa Gallo said...

Loved reading this post......although it took me a long time to get to it..... I am now a proud volleyball coach... Not sure how that exactly happened..... Nope I don't know what I am doing... Just winging it.... Sorta like I do all things! :). I am so glad all is going so well with you both! Enjoy your time! We love you guys! Alisa