Friday, February 24, 2012


Greetings everyone! To catch you up on the happenings with the well, they successfully fished the drill bit out yesterday morning! I wish you could have seen how excited they were! We went out to the delimart to celebrate then went right back to the job where the guys finished the well! I think it's pumping six and a half gallons a minute! They are all so happy and relieved! We got home at a good time last evening, scrubbed the layers of dirt off, had a bite to eat and watched some Beethoven with the family before heading off to bed. All three of us have been sleeping so well at night but around two this morning I woke up and sat straight up, my toe throbbing and swelling bigger by the second. First thing that comes to my mind is a spider might have been in my blanket because I had just unfolded it and pulled it over myself. So I crawl out of my bug tent, wake Kelly up and tell him what's happening and ask if he will shake my blanket outside. By this time my toe is HUGE and both Rob and Grandpa are up. I pull my blanket out of my tent and with the light of the lantern I see this big, old, fat mosquito that can barely fly, drift out of my bug tent! Haha so the mystery was solved and we all went back to bed, me miserable however. Leave it to Krystle to wake up the whole household over a mosquito bite! Lol, good times! That is one thing I'm looking forward to being done with when I go home! No more creepy crawlers! I have see so many spiders, Mosquito's, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, lizards and one extremely large cricket that lives in Naromie's bedroom that they don't even freak me out anymore! I will be happy to get back to the cold Michigan weather where they can't live or at least keep themselves hidden! Lol!

We were up extra early this morning to be ready to leave. Our normal routine of getting around, picking up our bedding and eating breakfast together was done by 6:45. Grandpa, Kelly, Manius and I are back on the job while Rob and Arson are on their way to Port Au Prince to pick up some pipe. They will be back after lunch sometime I'm guessing. The guys are finishing up the last few things with the well, chlorinating it and hooking up some stuff that I have no idea what it is:D. This afternoon they are going to move the rig and all of the equipment to the next job. Everyone be praying that they can do the well quickly and have no problems! I know that is a lot to hope for in Haiti, I should know, but anything is possible with God! I'm sitting here watching a man use a hose to fill up tons of buckets and containers with water for all of the children here around the property, they are SO happy! We will see what else this new day has to bring in Haiti! Blessings to all!



Anonymous said...

Dear K&K-What a night! You're a very brave lady-that's for sure. Some of us might have awakened the household in a different manner, tho'. Snowing right along here-have 2-3 in. so far. Major snow south of here-2 ft. in CO. Looks beautiful, but 28 out. Hoping to see mom today. Thrilled the guys finished that well. Be praying today over them & the next job. Keep up the good work writing-& enjoy the sun. Reading Mark again-what an action packed book. Loads of love, G&G P. XXXXXXOOOOOOOOOO.

Anonymous said...

What great news about the well! God is good. Hope ur toe is feeling better, I have to wonder if your exagarrating on the size of your toe :)!!!!!! I knw when things happen to me sometimes it seems worse than it actually is! But none the less I will pray for your toe& for the next well to be drilled!Love u all! Niche

Anonymous said...

That is great on the well. Your dad showed me pictures, got to see the tool your grandpa made, could patent that for Drillers. Sorry that BIG,OLD, and FAT mosquito got YA. I hope the swelling went down and you're ok. Crazy fun times, do think the mosquito got fat after he bit your toe or he was fat before he bit your toe? Well im glad he's gone and your ok LOL. There were some other pictures of children playing enjoying the water,holding water bottles. You guys are doing great things in GODS glory, very special. I like reading these posts thanks keeping us all updated. praying for you guys J

Jake T said...

Flee, fly, mosquito! Wow what a crazy story lol. So excited about the well, what a relief! Now it's on to the next one I guess. What a great adventure yoou are on, we can't wait for you two to be back in cold Michigan too. It's so awesome what you are getting done on the Lord's behalf down there though. We are so proud of you and will continue as always to lift you up in prayer. On a side note, Alaina and I get to hear the babies heart beat on Tuesday. We are super excited and grateful. When you get home maybe Alaina will have a baby bump to show off. God bless you two, we love ya's!