Saturday, February 11, 2012

U-turn (Krystle)

I can't believe its already the weekend once again! It's been very busy in some ways and in other ways not but overall a very good week. I think Kelly's at a standstill with the well until grandpa gets here but that's really only a week away! Some guys from YWAM that are well drillers went out with him to see if they could help fish the drill bit out but it didn't work. Kelly and I are turning into regular Haitians! Naromie has been feeding us delicious food all week now. Lots of rice and beans with sauce and chicken, fried bananas, fried chicken, fried potatoes, fried bread and last night we even got goat soup with potatoes and bananas in it! I'm extremely surprised but I have loved everything so far! Naromie has been so pleased that we like her cooking! Apparently Rob has been telling her that we couldn't eat any of the food so as crazy as it sounds we have gotten a lot closer to Naromie I think because she feels accepted. Cooking is such a big part of the woman's  life because it takes so long and it's so much work that gI think she just feels very appreciated! Kelly and i also got another creole lesson this week! We are not great yet, but a lot more of the language is making sense. Our lesson was about a lot of different greetings and replies to those greetings, do you know what we learned? Half the time we have been here, team trips included we have been being out right rude! You are supposed to greet literally everyone you pass! Claudy said that is changing a little in city areas but he said in rural areas if you don't literally greet everyone that if you had a car problem pop up, he said you would get help from no one. I guess you learn something new every day! We ended up staying here at the house all week. We will go back to the orphanage Monday. I think we are going to start coming and going from the two places every other week. Both bring different schedules but the problem is if we just stay at one we don't see much of anyone at the other place, so we will see how it goes. 

The country is officially out of gas so we have been dealing with that most of the week, they said we would have gas yesterday but now they are saying the first of the week so who knows. Rob bought some gas from down the street for his motorcycle yesterday but while we were riding around doing things it just quit. Well come to find out they had mixed the gas with water and sold it for a higher price. I think he is going to go out looking for some more gas today. We are almost out of gas for the generator and completely out of gas for the Toyota, but we will be fine and hopefully some gas will be delivered on Monday. 

Last night at about 9:30 we went over to the church with Rob. They were getting ready for an all night service and Rob wanted to be there to make sure everything got started like it was supposed to. A little after 10:00 we went to leave on his motorcycle. There were three young people sitting outside the church gate. Rob took the two boys and told them to go have a seat inside the church because they couldn't just stand there. Then he went and brought a lady out of the church who turned out to be the other young persons grandmother. None of the three kids are very good kids but Rob said that the two boys were really bad. So after Rob had handled it we hopped onto his motorcycle, went down the hill and turned left heading for home. He only drove down the road a short ways and did a u-turn, he said "sorry guys!" and we drove back to the church. Well what I wasn't expecting to see were the three kids sitting back outside the gate. When they saw Rob had tricked them they got big sheepish grins on their faces. Rob told the girl to go home and the boys to get away from the church property, he waited to make sure everyone was headed in the right direction then we took off for home a second time. But we also turned around for a second time but this time we went past the church towards the orphanage. As we were driving along slowly Rob said " aha! See that?". Well sure enough we did see it, the boys were slowly following the young girl home and she had no idea. So Rob went zooming past the boys and we fit a fourth passenger (the girl) on our motorcycle and took her home. She actually lives with some very good ladies of the church and Robinson said that she is one of the smartest kids at her school but she is just not making good choices. It's a good reminder though of how just little things like that show people that you care and are trying to watch out for them. Who knows, maybe we can get her to come to church sometime! 

As you can see, there is always lots going on and lots to do! We are excited for Grandpa to come and are making plans to feed him well (I promise grandpa we won't feed you goat soup:D) and take good care of him! Hopefully we can say hi to a bunch of you tomorrow night on FaceTime at the movie! We love and miss you all! Take care and have blessed Sunday!



Anonymous said...

The food sounds interesting I'm proud of u Krystle for trying&enjoying the food! I've been checking to see if there were any new post off&on I figured u had a busy week. That's crazy to think of being out of gas, I couldnt imagine not being able to get in my car and go where I needed to. What an experience! Praying hard that God continues to strengthen & encourage u on this journey. Thanks for sharing love niche

Anonymous said...

Krystle, God bless you and your brother. You just hit on the most important part of effectively working in another culture, to be immersed in it. Truly the only way you can make a real, lasting difference. Eating the food and speaking the language is critical to assimilating into the culture.
And actually the food is quite good and the people are incredible.
Take care and be safe :)
Alan Vanden Bosch

Jake T. said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well down there, so glad to hear that you like all the food. Seems that Rob has a 6th sense about how the people are going to act down there, and thats a good thing. I can't believe you fit 4 people on a motorcycle lol. Thanks for posting and filling us all in. Looking forward to seeing you and Kelly later, that was a surprise to me. God bless you two, we love you.

Anonymous said...

Dear KB & K, Love to read your posts-great to see you both & talk a bit yesterday while mom was here. Praying for you today-esp. about teaching. Have a good & restful day-best you can. So proud of you for your language efforts-On our way to church to hear dad. Loads of love till next time. GDJ & Grandpa. XXXXXXOOOOOO