Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Greetings! First off I have to apologize for not writing the past several days. I was having some writers block last week and then our wifi router quit working. So I will just give everyone a quick look at what has happened this past week. Everyone has been getting ready for Mardi Gras since we have arrived in Haiti but last week they were in high gear setting up stages around town and throwing parties getting ready for it this week. Mardi Gras here is not a good thing, it's sad really. Lots of people die from drinking to much and people give all the children alcohol. Because of that the orphans got to stay home from school Thursday and Friday so we partied with them all weekend. We went out for ice cream Thursday and on Friday we got pizza, chicken wings and cookies from the deli mart and brought it home to have a movie party! We all had a blast and made some very great memories together! It was a good Sunday, I am usually busy with the kids most of the service. I really love the job of teaching the children on Sunday mornings, at first I was completely overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do, but I love them all so much and it has gotten much easier! Manius is my translator and I must say I think we make a pretty good team, our story for the last couple of weeks has been Joseph and this week it was six pages of me reading and Manius translating! After church we had to run back to the orphanage and pack up all our stuff to take to Rob and Naromies for while Grandpa is here. When we got to their house Naromie had a wonderful Sunday lunch ready for us, rice, bean sauce and tons of chicken (because of the rooster:) I don't know how they made it all week with that noisy, obnoxious thing! Anyways, we got to relax around the house the rest of the day and we had good intentions of getting to bed at a good time because we had to be up early to get to Port Au Prince to pick up Grandpa, but the neighbor lady had some kind of anxiety attack and Rob and Kelly had to rush her to the hospital. I didn't get to go because I was already in pajamas, so I stayed up with the family for a while but then we all went to bed and the guys finally got back around midnight. We were back up at 5:30 getting around and packing up the Toyota and left the house at seven. We stopped for some juices and Torro on the side of the road part way there and pulled into the airport quarter after nine. The police man was very nice and let Rob, Kelly and I go all the way up to the front gate where Grandpa would be coming out. We didn't have to wait long for him and instead of him being attacked by men who wanted to carry his bags he was tackled by Kelly and I! We were SO happy to see him! Before we left Port we stopped by Rob's uncles house because he was having a well problem. After an hour and a half there we were finally on our way back to Saint Marc. By the time we were back in town it was two and we were all very hungry because no one had anything for breakfast, so Grandpa took us to the Deli Mart. Back at the house we unpacked his three suitcases, talked for a while and then took naps or rested. Grandpa was exhausted and Kelly and I are fighting getting sick again so we just rested all evening except for when I got up to make spaghetti for the guys. We squished all our bug tents out onto the porch and everyone slept very well. We are already back out to the job and I'm praying that the guys can get everything done quickly and not have any problems! I will keep you posted on all the happenings! Dad sent us a new wifi router so we are connected to the world once again! We are sending all our love to everyone back home! Kelly and I couldn't be more excited for the team that is coming. After Grandpa leaves we have a lot to make happen before you all get here! Blessings from Haiti! Krystle  


Jake T said...

Wow a lot has been happening since your last post. Glad to hear that your Gpa got in safely. I am sure having a piece of home has been nice for you two. We are going to remain prayerful and we think about you guys all the time. We love you, God be with you in all you do.a

Anonymous said...

I'm glad ur grandPa is there with u two. I knw u must be terribly homesick, I can only imagine. My family continues to uplift u both in prayer daily. Can't wait to see u in a few short weeks! Love niche