Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bonswa (Krystle)

Bonswa!(Good Afternoon) It is March first which starts our third month here in Haiti! It is a good day and a sad day. We had to take Grandpa back to the airport this morning, he should be almost to Miami by now. The trip back to St. Marc went well until Robinson was in his first accident and hit a dog. No one else was hurt and the car is fine but he felt just terrible. It probably didn't help that earlier he had asked me what I would do if I hit a dog back in America to which I replied, cry..... But the most important thing is we are all safe! Kelly and I are back at the house now. We have both been a bit sad, it's hard trying to start over again and get back into the routine, but we will take a little time to rest up and get back to it!  Right now we are sitting out on the porch reading, or Kelly is, and I was! We each picked out a new book on our iPads, I being the frugal one downloaded a free one, but I'm surprised Kelly's reading at all! Lol! Robinson left for a little while, but when he gets back we will start the long job of moving back into the orphanage. I'm excited to be back with all my kids! On that note, I wanted to apologize in case anyone who has read my blogs lately thinks I'm being a bit morbid at times. Please do not misunderstand. I might just be the happiest person alive right now, this is what I have wanted to do for a very long time, and I am so blessed to be living my dream! Yes, it's true that there are very difficult times, overwhelming times, sad times and so on, but there are so many more happy times! I love these people, this country, and this culture, even if it is all so broken, it is still beautiful to me!

Kelly and I have been working on plans to help organize all of the stuff at the church. All of the well drilling supplies and tools that have been sent in over time have been being kept in a lock up there because that is where it is safest. If anyone has been in any kind of work shop, you know how messy it can get after a while! Today a concrete mason came and started working on an area under the stairs where we are making a new lock up to keep all of the tools. It's going to be so nice for them!

As the afternoon is going on I can feel us settling in. I pulled out some bead crafts to do with the two girls for a while, and had fun with them. Now I'm sitting here finishing writing this to all of you while munching on corn that is basically popcorn on the cob! Lol! Everything in Haiti is just a little over cooked but I have no complaints! Good night for now! Praying for sweet dreams for all in Haiti and back home! We love and miss you all!



Anonymous said...

I think you've been doing a wonderful job writing posts! Praying for encouragement &strength for ur journey:) I texted ur mom this morning 25 days& we'll be there! It'll go by so fast for you two! Only do what you can do&trust that God has a plan for the rest. Love u guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! K&K-Enjoyed hearing your voices & seeing you this eve when mom & dad were here. This photo of you both is really nice.-Our handsome kids! Dr. V here for a couple minutes earlier-brought a surprise for your folks and for us also-4 absolutely delicious big choc. cupcakes with choc. icing. Imagine! Some people can be so thoughtful. Cleaned, did the wash, wrote Danni & have a coloring book ready to send her, ran to the P. O. to get church mail, met up with G. Dawn there, took phone calls, had strawberry shortcake (Angel Food Cake) with mom with cool whip.--read some, helped with the new puzzle G. & I are doing-log cabin in the woods with snow on the pines-lots of light in the windows-etc. a place I'd like to live with G. So proud of how hard you are both working to accomplish the most imp't things you can do while finishing up there-not long now before the team will be leaving-you'll be so excited & so are they & we are!!!-Been praying for each of you. You mean the world to us. Jesus must have something very special for each of you-makes us excited. Loads of love, hugs & kisses. Thanks for taking such good care of G. Berg. -am really sure it was sad for him to not take you right along with him today. G&G P.

Jake T. said...

I bet it was rough to see your Grandpa leaving, but what a treat to have him there to break up your trip. I think that you do a very good job of using words to accurately describe what is going on down there. I don't catch a negative vibe one bit. Having heard how things go down there we all can imagine the struggles. Just know you have a bunch of us up here praying for you two constantly. We love you guys and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Krystle & Kelly :)
It has been such a joy to follow along with you and your journey! We pray for you all often! I know things will come together just perfectly this next 24 days! Your doing great things I a, glad you will be getting the drilling things in order and organized! That will be a wonderful thing! Well I am off to go to chemo with my mom..... Shes hanging in here :) thoughts and prayers to you all! Give Rob & Naromie a hug for me..... And those precious kids :). Love to you both

Anonymous said...

Hi Krystal! I miss you so much and can't wait for you to get back into the states! Poke Kelly for me please haha :) Love you see you soon!
Love Taylor

Anonymous said... guys. We all miss you. Keep up the good work. We can't wait to see you home.