Saturday, March 10, 2012

Overacheivers (Kelly)

Hey everyone, I know its been a while since I last wrote a blog, so please forgive me. I've been really busy working down here,  especialy when grandpa came. I've had many projects going on, been helping to quell many needs as they arise in the church and the orphanage, and helping Krystle with extracting the information that our Doctor is requesting to come down here and help treat people. That said, honestly Krystle has done most of that work. In fact I, without Krystle being down here there would be no lists, hardly any blogs as you can see, for I have not written much. She takes care of returning all the emails. If it involves mail, lists, taking notes, or blogging she's on it like fuzz on a peach, and on top of that, add private cook to the list! I like to refer to Krystle as my personal secretary, and not just any personal secretary, that award-winning poster dream-girl personal secretary!! AND SHE'S ALL MINE!!!!!!

Over the course of the past 2 weeks I've been working on building a storage lock up for tools, pipe and whatever else can handle the outdoor weather, Krystle and I have been working on building the octaball court, which I thought would be pretty simple to build... if you can buy enough screws to put it together! So far we've built 5 walls with 3 to go. As I said earlier, I've been helping Krystle with the lists for the doctor, been working on repairing the old sound system for the church via extreme air dusting and major cleaning. This weekend I'm doing a major electrical job at the church where I'll be roping Krystle in to help to (she won't know until she reads this post)! :-) Today we payed a welder to make up a railing for the church stairs, 2 window grates, and big gate for the lock up. We also bought a new cell phone for Pierre Paul, a young man who helps Rob with running errands, making deliveries of the orphans, and other miscellaneous needs for him and us. That's the raps on up, and what's been going on with all the projects in progress!

A little word of encouragement we received the other night I wanted to share with all our folks back home. When Krystle and I went to YWAM, they had a guest pastor there on a short term missions trip. He preached from Acts 3:1-26 and Acts 4:1-22. What stood out to me was Acts 3:1-10 about the cripple at the Beautiful gate when Peter and John came walking by. They told the man to look at them, so the man looked at them thinking that they were going to give him money. But Peter told the man, I have no silver or gold to give you, but I do have something else to give you. By the power of Jesus Christ stand up and walk! The lesson for me was this; we don't need lots of money, or big church buildings, or great pastors that give thunderous awe-inspiring, very moving messages Sunday after Sunday to help build the kingdom, though it can sure help a lot!! But what we do need is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus. With Jesus in our life's and truly following and giving him 150% goes a lifetime. It doesn't matter how much money you have, or what you bring to the table as long as your ready to serve. God will provide all rest of the materials for building the kingdom, not you:) He's a Very Big God with Very Big Plans for Man Kind, so watch out. I hope this is an encouragement to you back home too, I know it was for me. Remember Jesus will change the world, not you!!

I would ask that you also keep Krystle and I in your prayers as the trip is rapidly coming to halt for us. It's been getting very crazy the closer it gets to the team coming. I feel at times that Krystle and I are getting to our wits end, so continue to pray that God gives us rest and strength to keep on giving our 150%. Honestly, there are days we wake up and feel like throwing in the towel. But by God's grace we find someway back and land on course! I would also ask you to join me in praying about some concrete and ceiling work in the guard house at the church that I feel needs to be finished up. God has really laid this on my heart so I would ask that you help me pray that He will help provide the needs in His perfect timing. Blessings to all from Haiti.  Kelly


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly & Krystle Beth,
Wow-You made up this time for the times you didn't get to write. What interesting big & small matters you've been tending to. By the way -enjoy your "secretary, cook, helper, etc, as it seems you are, because like U. Bob-he tho't very much like you about his oldest sister-& guess what-along came your dad-no more treats sent to U. Bob at college. Beware & be continually thankful like you are. -getting very excited -your mom & dad have been good soldiers-making do during this week without electricity on-& all the rest. We are working on getting the clothes ironed for the trip-looking forward to keeping your "zoo." Kalli-not overfriendly at the moment-jumps over those two pottery vases & perches on the overhead beam like she owns the place-how she sleeps is something only she could do up there. Raj & Kelani are anxious to see you. You'll get so many hugs & kisses you won't know what to do. Keep working steadily, get enough rest, fluids, stress relief-however, best food you can & keep your eyes on Him-What good soldiers you both are. We want to hear lots of stories-sounds like you've written nearly a book! Loads of love-your blogs are a great encouragement & inspiration! "He shall cover thee with His feathers, & under His wings shalt thou trust." Ps.91. Love & hugs & kisses-G&G P.

Anonymous said...

Kelly - you sound very happy and a big smile on your face - that's great. Looks like you could eat more though. When you write, it is just like you talk, so it's good to hear your "voice." Don't get too used to the secretary thing, my guess - just sayin'. You have accomplished much indeed. Blessings back! Gail

Anonymous said...

HI Kelly You are being a little hard on yourself no list, blogs, E-mail. We know you're busy doing all the man work,stuff that needs to be done. Ya Im glad you have a A.W.P.D.G.P.secretary overseeing and organizeing things for you LOL. It won't be long now you and Krystle will be home. Miss you guys I like the pictures,looks like you lost all your baby fat.LOL Too far in to throw the towel now. I will pray for you. John

Pastor said...

Love you both so much, very, very proud!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly and Krystle! You guys have been very busy as usual. Nice to hear to your secretary and cook has been doing an awesome job. Hope she's getting paid well hahaha! Thanks for the reminder of money not being important. God always provides if we are being faithful and obedient. We are excited for the great things that God has been doing through you two. I know it's been challenging and difficult at times, but I'm so impressed how you guys keep your focus where it needs to be (on God). You guys have inspired alot of people back home who wants to help and do great things for the kingdom. Kelly thank you for such a moving blog. Tell Krystle I so appreciate all her secreterial work that she is doing. It means alot and it's rare. You two are such a blessing and I am just happy to know you. Krystle thank you for getting the bell choir ready and I promise you i will be ready. Much prayer and hugs and kisses for the states. Miss you guys so much but will see you very soon. Love Germaine

Jake T said...

Nice to get a post from you Kelly. Focusing on Jesus is the key isn't it. It's the key to keeping perspective and not diverting the flow of grace in our lives and getting caught up in worldly rabbit holes. Sure seems like there is a lot to do down there all the time. I want to encourage you to not allow yourselves to become too overwhelmed and chip away at the tasks at hand. One at a time so it doesn't become to much. We are all so very proud of you and we miss you. There should be the beginnings of a nice little baby bump for you to check out when you get home. We love you, and pray for you everyday.