Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It's another beautiful day in Haiti! You all probably just read that sentence in disgust considering all of Traverse City is buried under snow, but it really has been nice here the past couple of days, not so hot and humid like usual. We are officially back to the orphanage and having a great time, I must say, I didn't realize how much I missed everyone! Sunday afternoon might have been the best time Kelly and I have had in Haiti yet! Manius and I were going through the kids files to find out birth dates for these lists I have been making, and when I was writing down Kenley's information, imagine my surprise to see that his birthday was that day!!! Birthdays are not really celebrated here, at least not often. If you think about it though, there is no money to do anything, you don't have money for food, or a cake, or decorations. Kelly and I determined we were going to make sure Kenley got a party because it might be the only party he will ever get! While the kids were all busy, Kelly and I sneaked off to the Deli Mart to get some stuff. We ended up getting pizza, a ton of chicken wings, and a big birthday cake. When we got back and told Kenley we were having a party for him, he was SO excited! So we rounded up all of the kids, Junie, Manius, Catherine, and Boo-boo to start the evening with all the good food and some Beethoven (the movie). After dinner while the kids were still watching the movie we got all the young people into the kitchen, then paraded back out to the dining room with his cake singing happy birthday at the top of our lungs! Lol! It was the best, and only made better because it was the first time Boo-boo had ever had cake! You talk about hilarious! He was crawling all over the table trying to take the cake off everyone's plates and he was covered in it! We spent the rest of the evening watching movies and playing with balloons. I know it doesn't sound like much, but to these kids it was the most exciting party they have been to! I thank God for all these special moments He makes for us! I mean really, what are the chances of me going through the kid's files on Kenley's birthday and finding that out? It's a total God thing, and He is so great! I know I keep talking about how time is flying by and everyone's getting tired of hearing it, however, it seems like such a big part of this trip as crazy as that may sound! I thought three months was going to be a life time and it feels like that at times, but now that I look back realizing we have been here for over two months it doesn't feel long anymore. I have always felt how impermanent life is because of my battles with cancer early on, but even I start taking this time God has given me for granted. We have such a short time to get out there, live life and share God's wonderful news with all of the world and I never want to waste one second of it feeling sorry for myself, crying over things that don't even deserve a second thought, or anything else unimportant! So even though it's cold and snowy and a lot of you don't even have electricity, don't waste this time but reach out! You never know how you will speak to someone by helping shovel out their drive way or uncovering their car. Know that you are all in my prayers, stay safe and I can't wait to see everyone! Love and blessings always! Krystle


Anonymous said...

Hi! Krystle Beth & Kelly,II-What a splendid day Sun. must have been-especially for Kenley! You're so like your mom -making a wonderful memory here & there -often. You must be rather busy with the lists & the contacts it involves-with Rob's overwhelming schedule-but keep at it -doing your best. It's going to be invaluable info shortly. Only Heaven will tell the results of your being there at this time-all the love, hugs, work, study, prayers, tears, & all the rest-Our labor in the Lord is never in vain-not the slightest detail of our labor-He takes note of it all, multiplies it & does the seemingly impossible. Plenty of snow! -high banks, ice & slush; can't walk much. Went to the Y this AM-& out to the farm tomorrow to start tapping the trees if electric back on. Getting more & more excited about seeing you -not long now before you'll see mom & dad & the team.--Then back home to MI. That will be welcome, but part of your heart will be literally torn to stay -no matter what little task you could do to help anywhere. Loads of love to you both-praying. G&G XX00

Anonymous said...

Hi K-K. Well, strangest winter ever here - our yard is almost bare again already because it is near 60 degrees today. We did not lose power or get as blasted as other areas but lost cable for about 24 hours and I therefore had to make my way into work to finish work day on Saturday. John pushed snow up to his truck window out near Karlin area. So, while Kelly is on a big adventure, he also missed this snow event! I'm sure your dad will never be so glad to see him and his muscles back home, judging by the pictures of your house. So, we had no TV that evening. That was our "roughing it." When the TV came on, we were just fascinated by all the pretty colors and such. (LOL) You may have culture shock with such things upon your return! I'm glad the time is drawing near but you will sure feel torn now about leaving. See you soon, praying - Gail

Jake T said...

Hello Krystle and Kelly, sounds like a rockin' par-teh! It is amazing what we can take for granted, and just as amazing how times seems to fly by. This life really is just a vapor, it speaks of how important it is to try and make an impact while we are here on Earth. Crazy things have been going on around here with the weather! Bare ground everywhere yesterday afternoon, only days after record snow fall. I am hoping you and Kelly bring some weather stability with you upon your return. We miss you and are looking forward to a hug and some fellowship together when you two get back. All our love and prayers.