Friday, March 30, 2012


How much do we contemplate the ordinary? In the moment by moment passage of our lives we tend to disconnect, at least I do. Take for instance getting a glass of water. Of walking to the kitchen, opening the cupboard, pulling out a glass, opening the faucet, waiting as the water streams to turn cold, slipping the glass under the flow to extract clean, clear cold water, pressing the glass to your lips, feeling the cool rush as the hydrogen and oxygen mix reach your tongue, your palate responds, and you swallow. What were you thinking the last time that sequence happened? Were you staring with dull expression out the window, did your brain even fire, perhaps you don't remember. There is so much more I am working on not taking for granted. So many miracles in the ordinary moments of my life. We beg God for miracles, but we are surrounded by them! If we can't recognize the littlest, simplest ones, we will never believe the big ones even when they happen right in front of our eyes! I just described a miracle in Haiti. 99% of Haitians cannot do what I just described, but I do it so many times a day I lose track. I know, it's my life, I'm supposed to just accept that, it is what it is...but is it? Why is it we have to be stripped of things to finally get it? God bestows His glory throughout our lives, and we refuse to acknowledge it, until he takes it away. After this many trips into Haiti, I really don't want to lose what I have. We need to see the extrordinary in the ordinary. In this place it is so terribly apparent. Every move I make seems at times to frustrate my purpose. We woke up to the news this morning that the hospital is out of vaccinations. Ethan was deeply disappointed. But it will happen! In due time, Haiti time, God's time. So much is being done in our ordinary efforts here, lives being changed and transformed! As I watched DeVante mingle with the kids the last couple of days, I marveled at the connections and hope he sows even at his young age. He has gained much polish and seasoning over his journey's into Haiti, any friend of DeVante's will now be a much richer friend for having known him. Remember that through the days activities today, find the miracle's buried in the moments and be revived with hope and promise! I can tell you we are! We are being made too!!! We have movie night tonight, 'Courageous' will be showing at 6:00 pm. Feel free to join us, it will be in French, but if your French is rusty, it will be showing with English subtitles. Lol Should be an incredible night. Great life changing film, and needful in this culture as well as ours. Blessings all!


Jake T said...

Blessings to you all from Traverse City! I had a short day from work as I put my back out yesterday at work. I have decided that every time my back fires a bolt of pain at me, I will say a prayer for you all down there. Needless to say I have been sending a lot of prayers your way today, lol. There are so many miracles all around us and in us. Perspective is really what it is all about. If we can just slow down a little and open ourselves up to what is transpiring around us, we can see the majesty that is Christ all around us. Haiti time seems to have a way of bringing frustration to the team from time to time on the missions down there, but maybe that can be a good time to reflect on how much has already been done and all the seeds that have been planted. These seeds need watering and you all know the one who is the water, JESUS! Have a blessed time with the movie night all my prayers and love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another remind of how rich I am, and that it has nothing to do with money. I love devante and the whole Walker clan! I will definitely say an extra prayer of thanks for the little things in life that really aren't little at all- food in my fridge, sheets and pillows on my bed, too many pairs of shoes. You're so right that God puts so many miracles in My life every day, it's whether or not I choose to acknowledge what a gift these things really are. Thanks for the eye opener. Hugs and love to you all!


Heidi said...

Hey everyone! What a complete joy it is to read the blog updates and Ethan's emails...often out loud to family and friends, who are encouraged, too. You inspire us! We are thankful for the ways God is moving in your midst. I was disappointed to hear about the vaccinations, yet will keep praying for them to happen in God's timing. You guys are incredibly hard workers! Sooooooo much has been accomplished on this trip! I hope the movie night was a lot of fun. Doyle, thank you for the reminder not to take the ordinary for be able to sip a cup of cold, clean water is such an extraordinary gift, and God has given countless beautiful gifts like this to us. Most of all, He's given the water that quenches eternally; I think of the woman at the well in John 4, and how Jesus gave her living water. You guys are doing both: providing what is practical and tangible as well as what is lasting and spiritual. I love all of you and I get joyful tears just thinking about the amazing work you're doing! May your travels around the area be blessed today! Please take lots of pictures, have rich conversations, and laugh a little along the way. :)

tkaugust97 said...

There is so much truth in what you say. Taking things, friends, ideas, etc. for granted is all too easily done. Convicted is a good word to describe the feelings your post ignites. Thank you for the reminder to "find the miracles buried in the moments." It really does cause us to "be revived with hope and promise!"

The last time "the sequence of events" unfolded for me (Katina), my mind was caught up in evaluating the events of the day and planning for the remainder of it. I certainly put no thought into the preciousness of easily accessible, clean drinking water . . . just what I accomplished thus far (MY plans) and what I wanted to get done in the remainder of the day (MY plans). I am often easily frustrated because I have so much to do but can't get it done because my kids want to stop and smell the roses. Yikes!! Maybe if I stopped to smell the roses, it would be easier for me to see the blessings God has 'planted' in abundance all around me. Maybe it would be easier for the Spirit to lead me. Enough about me!

While we are disappointed that the children could not be vaccinated, we still rejoice and give thanks that God is directing your paths and the paths of the orphans. A door has clearly been opened and that is something else we can be thankful for. It also sounds like the Haiti Team members are deepening their relationships with God. That also is cause for praise. The Haitians are being blessed through you is so many ways. Praise be to God alone!!

We pray that you would continue to "be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." Ephesians 5:1-2.

Your Prayer Warriors!
The Gibsons

Brandon Cary said...

Team Haiti ,
WHAT IS UP! I like this post . I read it this morning and it made my day that much better . I was able to be extra great full for everything and praise god all day long . It's a little weird to think what I would be doing if I was there and the lavish life style I get to enjoy now . I know god sent me here for a reason and I'm loving it and I know you guys are loving what he has called you to do . I'm so very proud of all of you and am looking forward to seeing you and hearing all the story's of god glory . I have some great story's to share too :) love you all