Saturday, March 17, 2012


Greetings everyone! The past couple of days have been rough to say the least. I came down with a flu bug on Tuesday and then passed it off to Kelly Wednesday, so we have been a couple of very sick Americans! Lol! We have been laying low all week now and plan to do so through the weekend. It would be awful for someone from the team to come and get sick, so we want to make sure it is completely gone! One good thing is that even though Kelly and I have been out of it, the two projects at the church have been moving forward. I think the mason is finishing up the floor upstairs in the guard house and it should be dry enough to start moving stuff back up there tomorrow, it really looks nice now! The power is on today so the welder was over at the church putting the railing, grates for the windows and the big lock up gate in. The team will be surprised to see all the changes when they get here!

Kelly and I have been talking about how we are going to spend our last week here. There are lots of projects to do and some little things to get done for the team, but we both decided we are clearing our schedules of everything except what is most important. We want to spend this coming week making good memories with all the orphans, family and church people. I think we will go home sorry if we were just working like crazy to get "projects" done. When we go home it's not important to me if people remember who built the octaball court, I want them to remember all the fun times that we had together playing in it! So in ways, this coming week will be relaxed because it will not be physically draining, however, I know in some ways it will be worse because it will be emotionally draining. Even though we aren't leaving Haiti in just over a week things are going to change drastically when the team arrives. Pray specifically for the orphans because we have to tell them soon that we are going to leave next week to stay with the team, and this time we aren't staying here when they go home. I know it will be hard because they have experienced so much loss in their young lives, pray that instead of pulling away like the Haitian culture does, that instead they stay close to us and enjoy themselves with the time we have left to spend together! We love you all and you will continue to be in our prayers! Love always,



Anonymous said...

Thanks K&K for the informative blog again-WOW how great it all looks by the guard house-You've all been working so hard! We understand a little about getting ready to leave-Miss you both tons-should be Springtime when you get home-for sure. Have a blessed day there-I get to teach today-as does Gail for Primaries-Greetings to Rob & Naromie, hugs for them & family & each orphan we love tho' I haven't actually seen them. Lots of love, G&G P. XXXXXXOOOOOO.

Anonymous said...

Glad you two are feeling better and getting ready for the team. Ray is still packing but its in pretty good shape. It will be likeChristmas for you when they arrive with all the goods. Your mom has done a great job with the shopping! I'm excited to see all the kids in their new outfits. It's hard helping the team get ready knowing I won't be going this time. I so want to snuggle with all the kids, especially Booboo. I'm sure he's changed a lot in just over 2 months. I can't wait to show Ray the pic of the new gate and railing. He's going to flip. Well take care, have fun, and keep us posted. Love, Deloris

Anonymous said...

Hi Krystle That was a fast moving flu bug. Glad you and Kelly are getting better. The team will be there before ya know it,and I'm happy for you guys, more Americans.LOL! Its time to put away the plows. Spring is here in Michigan. You both have worked so well together there and have done a great job. Thanks for the update. Will be praying. John

Jake T said...

The anticipation of your trip coming to an end brings a lot of different emotions. I can tell how excited you are to see familiar faces and family, and also how you have connected with the Haitian people and the orphans and how it's going to be tough to say goodbyes. I am happy you decided to throttle back on all the projects and spend time with people down there you have drawn closer to on this extended trip. I am glad to hear you are feeling better, I will pray you stay healthy and finish your mission there strong. We miss you guys a lot, looking forward to seeing you both.