Monday, March 12, 2012

Happiness (Krystle)

Greetings from Haiti everyone! 15 days to go, but I feel like it might actually be possible to make everything happen before the team gets here! After breaking our backs getting things done last week I think everything is going to be much more manageable for the next while. We are very tired from working so hard, but I must say I think we feel pretty proud that we were able to do what we have done! Yesterday afternoon we literally just sat and watched movies on Kelly's iPad and read books all day! We even got to talk to a bunch of our family last evening! A very special treat! We are back to getting things done today but we aren't as pressed anymore.

I wanted to share a story from Saturday morning that really touched my heart! That was the day all the guys were working on the electrical work at the church. I was once again working on one of my lists and Robinson decided it was a good time to go and get something done I needed help with. So we went and did that, and when we got back to the church I remembered I needed to take Kelly's clothes for Sunday morning to the dry cleaners. I ran inside quick, got a little money from Kelly, then Rob and I went to take care of the dry cleaning. There is a little bakery between Robs house and the church that sells all kinds of little baked treats, often we will stop by and pick up something little for breakfast because it is usually inexpensive. The best thing though is that they got an ice cream machine right before Kelly and I got here, so our favorite thing to do is stop for a cup of ice cream! On the way back from the dry cleaners we stopped by the bakery to see if they had power, and if we could grab some ice cream! They did! We got three ice creams so I could take one back for Kelly. I was sitting in the car holding two melting ice creams and Rob was driving with one hand holding his ice cream! Lol! Then he handed me the leftover money to give to Kelly when we got back, needless to say, we had our hands full! When we got to the church I hopped right out of the car to get Kelly his ice cream because it was melting all over. A little street girl was standing there smiling and gave me a big hug as I was trying to make my way inside but I managed to not spill it all over! Lol! Kelly was happy so we took a break and sat down to eat it and talk for a couple of minutes. Rob came in a minute later after parking the car and he asked where the money was he had given me. I couldn't remember! He went outside to look and I was rummaging around in my purse because I have NEVER lost money while here in Haiti! He came in a couple of minutes later with the little girl from out in the street following behind him. He explained to me that I must have set the money on my lap and when I had gotten out it fell out onto the street. The little girl found it and when he came out looking for it she returned it to him saying what had happened. In the end it was not very much money, 250 Goudas which is just over 6 dollars American, but when I looked at this little malnourished girl with orange hair I realized how big of her it was to return this money that might have been her only hope for a meal that day. I gave her a big hug and had Rob translate how grateful I was that she had returned it, what a wonderful little girl I thought she was, and how blessings were going to come her way if she kept doing what she was supposed to. Then I asked Rob if we could give her the money or what we should do, so he took part of the money and bought her a whole armload of water, crackers and special treats!  She was SO happy and grateful! I felt bad that I had dropped the money in the first place but then I thought of how God had actually used my big mistake to bless this beautiful little girl. I am so thankful for such an awesome and all knowing God! If I had had my choice at that moment I wouldn't have dropped the money but then that little girl wouldn't have gotten that chance to make a good choice that will influence her life forever!
Now we will see what other great things God has in store for this week! Pray that we will get everything accomplished that needs to be! Keep the Haiti team in your prayers as the time is drawing near for them to leave, I know how the devil fights people getting ready to come on these trips! We love and miss you all, stay safe! Love and prayers being sent your way always! Krystle


neil said...

Renmen Krystle, renmen.
Oh I have a phrase book now, so look out. Miss you guys tons. I won't see you guys until you get back since I am not coming back until Nov. I have a nice surprise for you and Kelly when you get back. check in on my little boy in the mountain behind the church and elzianna. I hope you are spreading the cheer of the foo which is neil. love you guys

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful story Krystle. It's hard to believe that just a few dollars could make such a difference in someone's life. It was a good thing you did for her. So glad your trip has been everything you had hoped for. Don't know when we will be home next, but we will be home for the week of 4th of July......Your Uncle Dave's birthday. You'll guys will have to come up for cake and ice cream. Love, YFAK

Anonymous said...

Hi! K&K-What a special story about the honest little girl. So glad for all your hard work to help get ready for the Dr.-When he arrives he will understand better what effort you have made where it's very difficult at times. We're all amazed at how the Lord has helped you both in so many ways. We are getting more & more excited about the Team leaving & bringing you home. GP had 234 gal. of sap to deal with today-Stevie, Whit & dad helped him gather most of it last night! -won't need to be rocked to sleep tonight. Glad yesterday was a relaxing day for you after church. Lots of love & praying. Jeanine & I -talking tonight about how you relate to their children so well-amazes her-& us. Take good care of yourselves & here's a bunch of hugs. -new profound but simple encouragement-"give-what you need." G&GP.

Jake T said...

What a great story about the little girl. If I was a poor Haitian I don't know if I would have made any effort to return that money, to be totally honest. What an inspiration that she had the kindness of heart to bring it to you, amazing. She got her reward and that was very sweet. Praying for you daily, looking forward to seeing you and Kelly when you get home. Love and prayers from Alaina and I to you.

Anonymous said...

Every choice we make counts, God gives us opportunities to choose Him time&time again. Praying for endurance for u&Kelly as well as a healthy bodies! Love Niche