Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home (Kelly)

Hey everyone, greetings from Haiti. I hope everyone is doing well back home! We've had a lot going this past week getting ready for the team's arrival. We went out and bought drinks, food, tanked up the truck, and got a group of people from church to come and help clean the church property today so it would be sanitized for Ethan when he goes to do his doctoring. So Ethan, your all set for OPEN HEART SURGERY!!! LOL. We spent this afternoon working on getting all packed, and are now all finished other then a few small things in the morning. Yesterday (Friday)we took the orphans out for ice cream, later in the afternoon we played octaball for a couple hours. They are all catching on really fast to this game. Afterwards Krystle and I went to the Deli Mart and bought chicken and french fries, then came back and had big party while watching 'Annie' the movie. We all had a lot of fun that day!!

I wanted to thank you all for praying over all the concrete work for George's room, God provided for the need. It was a great blessing for him. And now we find out this is going to be used as the office for Ethan to do all his clinic work. It's truly amazing how the Lord works. While I've been here in Haiti it has brought a whole new meaning to the scripture that says "ask anything in My name and the Father will give it to you". I've had to learn to truly lean on the Lord for stuff here. I can't just run off to work and make money to buy whatever I need or want to do, it doesn't work that way. In the past I've tried very hard to ask God for a really nice car and lots of money, but for some reason He still puts it on the back burner!

I'm getting really excited to see all of you soon. However, in a lot of ways I'm really sad to be leaving and coming home, I have developed deep friendships with quite a few people down here! I'm also struggling trying to figure out how to enter back into the American culture, maybe even a little fearful. For all of you life has gone on other then the fact that Krystle and I have disappeared off your radar scanner. As for Krystle and I, we are forever changed after this experience, there's no going back now, no rewinding the clock. I find myself even a little bitter with some of the big flaws in our American culture. Sure I know that every country has its flaws, but still we are so blessed it's not even funny. I've been pondering the question of what would happen if we lost it all. Our house's, jobs, money, maybe even family, what would we have left, would we be happy or devastated by what remains? Are you happy with the legacy that you've left so far, or do you want more? I can now relate to how the apostle's felt in the Bible! They got it, without Jesus what do we have? Nothing! When we lose it all without Jesus we have nothing in life, only time wasted in treasure that can disappear at any moment in time. I can also understand why these truly blessed and amazing people go to noon prayer everyday for hours praying to God to give them strength to continue on with their lives, as poor as some of these people are, they have found true riches, riches that most American's will never truly be able to comprehend. Till we lose it all!

Sorry you all have to deal with my feelings tonight, but what I speak is only the truth about what I feel. I ask that you all to continue to pray for Krystle and I as we are soon getting ready to leave and come back home. Pray that God will give us strength and courage to battle the culture shock that we have waiting for us at home! That Krystle and I will find peace with our newly transformed lives. That God will continue to bless the work in Haiti, and Haiti as a Country. Continue to pray for the team as they start their week long journey tomorrow afternoon. Blessings to all from Haiti. Kelly


Kari & Kacy said...

Kelly, that was absolutely beautiful! I just don't have the words to describe what I felt reading that or what I am feeling now! Blessings to you & Krystle for a safe trip home!! Job well done Kelly!! You both are unsurmountable inspirations. My love and prayers to you both!

Michelle Cary said...

Brandon and I miss you very much. The Haiti Team was/is very excited today to see you, especially your parents! :) We will be praying for all of you. Love you!

Eric and Nancy said...

Kelly, What a wonderful post. I can tell God has been teaching you so many things in a what now seems like a few short months. Nancy and I are looking forward to your return and to spend some time together hearing about your trip. Blessing and Love from Eric and Nancy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder Kelly. We have so much and sometimes aren't grateful for the little tiny things that many people have to do without. God is so awesome! I'm so glad you and Krystle are doing well. Prayers and hugs to you and the whole team over the next couple of weeks!

Sally and Bryan

Brandon Cary said...

Seeing if my posts work ;)