Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here is Robinson's email from today. He is getting this thing down for me, and wow, wait until you read what they are doing. So great to be a part of this work!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Greeting from the land of Haiti. Just this morning the Pastors in Saint-Marc had a meeting with The Youth With a Mission staff over the organization of health care and food distribution to the victims of the earthquake. The idea was for each Pastor to provide a shelter in their church for sixty people. Besides, they will need interpreters to help the doctors communicate with the patients. As for me and Claudy, we are already volunteers for this task. Day by day the price of the food products are going higher and higher in Saint-Marc at the Market as the food distribution by the International Community hasn't started yet. Saint-Marc population is growing as a result of people fleeing Port-Au-prince. The price of gas is going up, $60-70 ht. The fare of Motorcycle taxis has also gone up. Starting tomorrow each person getting health care in one of the clinics will be given a tag as an identification mark. I talked to Robins(Ynives husband)and he told me that he's found the bodies of Ynives and Sarabeth and they were buried in Desdunes. I am asking you to keep praying for the victims. Remember I preached a Sermon last time I was with you,title 'When was the last time you fed an hungry person?' May God Bless you!

Incredible what they are doing on the ground! I know the international forces are descending, and that Haiti has the world's attention, but this outreach to their own in these desperate times is a mark of the caliber of these wonderful people. These churches are taking these people in on faith, not knowing where the support is going to come from. I was so happy to be able to tell him that God is moving here and we have help ready for them. Your support is so noteworthy. Thank you for all that many of you are doing to help. And one other thing while I am at it. Last nights email carried a special message of an old woman taking 3 banana's to the clinic because she so desperately wanted to help. It reminded me of the 'widow's mite' in the Bible. That day she received honor for giving the most because she gave her all. I say this because I want everyone to know there is no gift too small. Every donation, down to a single dollar for Haiti goes directly there, we are underwriting the cost of transfer, because every dollar given is useful, who knows, maybe it will replace the banana's of the poor old lady! Matter of fact, it may well double her supply. Don't be afraid to give the small gifts, it all adds up, and every bit of it counts!!! I know first hand. Keep up your prayer vigil, God is helping. We are so sad about Ynives and Sarabeth, but again God's mercy is shown in that they are not with the unnamed masses who'll never be found or are in mass graves of the unnoticed. They are buried in their home town, among their loved ones, and Robins was able to say his goodbye's. Blessings in mourning tonight.

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Ray and Deloris said...

Can't thank you enough for keeping us posted on the happenings in Haiti. It is both heartbreaking and uplifting to hear the stories. We are so blessed to have the connection to Rob and the others there, and keep them all in our prayers daily. Please pass our love on to Rob when you can.