Sunday, January 17, 2010

Phone Call

I was so excited today on my way home from church. I had been trying to call Robinson several times today and as I was in the process of trying to get through his number showed up on my screen. He was calling me!! I rattled off as many questions as I could but his first question to me was "How was church this morning?" Men like Rob are rocks in their faith, here he is in the midst of national turmoil, and he's asking how church went in America this morning. I quickly turned the question around and he told me they had a great service. His words were: "Many people came to Jesus this morning. It was good." He told me St. Marc and the country is filling quickly with people. There is no place to live in PAP, and the people are being told to leave the city for now.
He confirmed what other Haitians are saying, it seems Port is 75% destroyed. 3 senators are confirmed dead, and many others are missing. On the flip side he also said there is a huge blessing in this story. He said it is good that God spared them the earthquake happening earlier in the day. The kids were out of school, many were getting off work, and at that time of day, many are outside. The weather was clear, so they didn't have to be inside either. As the numbers of the lost mount, there is no doubt in Robinson's mind that a number far greater would have occurred had the time of the earthquake been different. He said there is great sadness in the country, telling me that he himself has cried much. He said the banks are going to try to open in St. Marc in the next couple of days, so we are ready to try to get more funds for him. He also said the price of goods, what little is left, is very expensive. Continue to pray, as we seek the best routes for delivering help. We are checking on shipping, and a couple other ideas as well. We'll keep you up to date. We have some really good contacts in St. Marc that are working at solutions on the ground. The international aid is struggling, as I well suspected it would. One step forward is often offset by four backward in this country. It will take all of us working together, international and privatized aid to salvage this nation. But by God's grace, He'll provide and we'll prevail. Many are your prayers and support, and I just want to say thank you. Everything you do is noticed, everything you send will go to our pastor and people on the ground in Haiti who are aiding there fellow countrymen. There are mounting stories of how the church (as a whole, not just ours) in Haiti is responding to this crisis. It's amazing. They are doing a great work, and God is providing the way! Blessings tonight.


Gallo Family said...

We all can learn so much from these Humble people! They are in the middle of the worst days.... and THEY can find the positive! I'm so thankful I have met these amazing people... I will remember this of them and try to live with that in my Heart also! Find the best in every situation.... God bring amazing things to this devastated Country!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the up dates on Haiti and St. Marc. My prayers are with you all and your losses but for the people of the town and Haiti as a whole. May God watch over those in Haiti.....
Linda Hasse