Friday, January 22, 2010


I spoke with Robinson this morning and they were readying to feed our charges at the church property. He said eventually the international aid is going to follow these people to help supply food for them, but that won't happen for a while. So the duty is passed to the church. He was so happy to hear we were raising support for him. They are in desperate need of the help. I know they are taking this endeavor on in faith, because they don't have it themselves. But God hears and answers our prayers sometimes before we even ask, and I could hear the awe in his voice when I told him I have support coming in right and left for him. He said: "Wow"! He said he is very, very busy with everything. He also said it is a struggle to get money right now, even though it is in the country, there is a massive liquidation problem. I spoke with the bank today, and learned that they are trying to open the central bank tomorrow. I was informed that will begin to relieve the cash flow problem. The countryside has limited cash flow on a normal basis, this has caused a sizable bottleneck in trying to help get funds to the people. So pray that the banks can open tomorrow like projected. We have funds available to Rob on the ground in Haiti right now thanks to the generosity of the banks and the ability to wire for virtually free, but they are having to parcel out the money so that hopefully everyone can get a little. Rob told me that you stand in line for hours, you just get to the gate and they close for the day. Can you imagine? Again he laughs! I'm like,... what??? He says those old familiar words, "Brother, it's Haiti!" I pray by the end of this journey, this epic trial of this land, that Robinson will not have to say those words anymore! Wouldn't that be great, it would speak of a remarkable change, I will be able to look back at these blogs and marvel at what God did for our wonderful, amazing people in Haiti. Time to try phoning again. That is my current trial, getting the info passed along to him has been agonizing to say the least. But nothing compared to what they are going through, counting my blessings tonight! Be blessed as well.

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