Thursday, January 14, 2010


I wanted to quickly post up some information regarding the recent earthquake in Haiti. We are navigating many questions and trying to get answers to our own questions right now. But by way of quick information, we have in on a pretty good source that St. Marc, approximately 60 miles north, north east of PAP did not suffer a lot of physical damage. I have not been able to make direct contact with Robinson since the quake, and likely won't for a few more days. I had talked to him the afternoon that the quake happened, and had been able to send in food money. However, this event is going to pose a disaster of epic proportions to Haiti as a country. The towns not struck directly by the quake are still feeling the effects as PAP was the source feed for pretty much everything that is distributed throughout the country, including food, water, electricity, fuel, and communications. The threat of what happened in Port is eminent for the whole of the nation right now. Not withstanding the amount of relatives and family connections that exist in the capitol city. Robinson and his wife both have family there, and I am sure he is likely already in Port to see what he can find out or be of assistance. Please help us pray that God will protect all who are now left in the aftermath of this disaster. For the struggling government, the suffering, the aid workers, our church family, for all the towns and cities that will now become refugee posts. Pray that the terrible fear of the people will find a calming balm, that the weather is cooperative, that aid relief is quick and appropriate, and that all of us who stand ready to help find the best possible venues to deliver our own help to these hurting and struggling people. Pray for our church family and Robinson in Haiti as they endeavor to do what they can to bring hope and help in this frail nation, amidst tragic circumstances where even they themselves are and will be suffering. We will post as soon as we have more concrete information. Blessings for now.


Sandi Lindstrom said...

What can I do to help?

Ray and Deloris Hasse said...

We are so anxious to hear from Rob. Hoping and praying that they are all safe. Even if the quake didn't damage Saint Marc, I'm sure there will be long term effects on their already difficult lives. We all need to support them as much as we can. Hoping to hear good news soon!!