Wednesday, November 18, 2009


One of the wonderful joys on our visits to Haiti happens on Sunday morning. We get to hear several of the singing groups from the church perform. And they can sing. They meet at least one to two times a week for practice for an hour or two at a time. They work the whole time on one song, they pray over their performance. They write out the music and words on sheets of paper as they don't have even the simple sheet music. Their diligence and labor are stunning and so is their ministry. I rarely understand a word of their songs, but how the Spirit comes though. Most of the songs are sung acapella, as they don't have the luxury of live instruments. I am struck by their allegiance to giving their best to God. I confess I try to do my best for God all the time, but these people have made me re-evaluate my "best" clause. To often we fail to really do our best for God. Our "best" is reserved for a paycheck, or to impress for stature or status. What is it to truly give God our best. The poor woman with two mites in the Bible Jesus said gave more that all the rest that day. She gave her best, she gave the most, because she gave her all. These lovely people don't have coffers of money to bring to God, so they bring something God loves even more, they bring themselves. They offer up to Him the "best" of what they have. They plunge the depths of their hearts, they turn out the purest form of sacrifice, they give of themselves, and God honors it. I rejoice, and feel a check in my own life. I do have more to give, and by God's help and through their example, I mean to give more. The Haitians have taught me more about the "sacrifice of praise" in one Sunday morning, than I have gleaned in years of worship here in the States. Unleash your talents for God, see what He can do with full surrender. Blessings in Worship!

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