Thursday, November 5, 2009


We are 85 percent completed on our unexpected painting mission. It has been a long and hot day. The team went through 2 cases of water! The house is put back together, and we are readying to head over to the property. There is now a working kitchen sink at the pastors house as well. It has been a good day! Kelly is doing a little better, Krystle is beginning to struggle. Keep a prayin! Alisa did the cooking tonight, gave Beth a reprieve. I told her that now she has done the sack lunch special. A pot of food fed the masses again tonight. There were so many I could not count. There is much excitement in the air around the house, and again I have discovered that sometimes the blessings are where we least expect. For the start of this journey, the blessing was in the paint! It has been a taxing two days, and much labor has been spent, but everyone is so excited and happy. Tomorrow we officially set to drilling. We have laid our ambitions aside for a couple of days, but time is ticking! I must confess, it is amazing the way God answers the prayers of His children. Come to find out, Naromie had asked to paint the house in anticipation of our arrival on this trip. The guard house and other ministry had claimed all the money, and Robinson told her they could not do it now. Not a word of this was mentioned, but as we sat in the house the first night, Ray looked around and said "I think I would like to paint her house." We commenced the next morning and not until last night did we discover the light of God's answer to a young pastors wife's prayer. It seems God does hear our prayers, and sometimes He reaches out to a little group of His workers in Michigan, puts them on a plane, and sends them to a little town in a far off county to answer the prayers of a struggling worker in His ministry there! It reminds me of a scripture that goes something along the lines of "if God so clothes the lilies of the field, how much more will He clothe you." If your feeling a bit downcast tonight, look up, God cares for you, and even now He might be marshaling a little band of His kingdom to come to your aid. What joy, what a delight to serve as an answer on behalf of a prayer! Nothing like being at the right place at the right time!! Blessings again. (Pictures are slow in coming, the internet has had trouble this time while we have been here.)


shelbiemae said...

Reading these blogs each day both refresh and challenge me. I love to hear what you all are doing. I will even admit that I checked the computer probably 20 times today while I was in school waiting for the next entry. Tell Krystal and Kelly they are in my prayers, as you all are. Thank you so much for what you do.

reyhl6 said...

To Our Faithful Team in Haiti,

Amen, we serve a great and Awesome God!! Can I get an AMEN!! Though our words have been few at this time our prayers have been many and they will continue. It seems so strange to be at this end of the keyboard!! We miss the night time devotions and the reading of the posts, but even more we miss the smiling faces, the warm hugs, the walks back and forth from the church, warm days, and even more the love of our friends in Haiti. Say Hi to our Haitian family, and greet them with hugs from all of us in the North!!
One of my devotions this week was talking about faithfulness, and I thought of the Haiti team ALL OF YOU! Thank you for serving in the great and the small, for serving in the unfamiliar and the familiar, for being faithful. Let me remind you of a song by Jon Mohr.

Oh, may all who come behind us find us faithful,
May the fire of our devotion light their way.
May the footprints that we leave lead them to believe,
And the lives we live inspire them to obey.
Oh, may all who come behind us find us faithful.

Thank you again for being faithful, for leaving footprints that others can follow, for inspiring all of us, and in the midst of darkness being a light, generator or no generator.

Give everyone a hug from all of us. WE LOVE YOU THE REYHL’S.

autumn said...

hey, sorry I didn't post a comment but here is your joke of the day...

Q: How do you confuse a Brunette(Beth and Krystle)(maybe Pastor Doyle but especially Kelly)?

A: Blue

Think on that one for a couple of days and let me know how that works out for you :) Love You All


G~ said...

Dear Kelly,

Today I had the urge to do our signature move. I simply couldn't do it without you. Soo, I'm writing because I expect you to do it right now. ;]Yes, everyone should turn their heads and look towards Kelly... Now, wait for it... wait for it... Did he do it? He didn't did he. Kelly, I'm serious. You have to do our move! I'll do it with you! Promise! Even from a different country. :]

(insert pause here. the rest of this letter should not be read until the move has been done)

Hehe! I'm glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better, I'm praying for you bunches!

Oh my goodness Krystle, now I'm praying hard for you too! I'm doing the "no colds for Krystle dance" right now. I'll show it to you when you get home. ;]

Love you guys all sooooo much!! I'm so proud of you! Big bear hugs for all of you! I hope you each have wonderful dreams tonight. Xoxo!


Erin said...

Sending you all love as you all spread love - holding you close in thought, Erin

dspachman said...

A high privilege to be an answer to someone's prayer. Dear Haiti Team, know that everything about your trip is an answer to someone's prayer. Each day you are about our Master's work. Know that we are holding you in our thoughts and prayers. We pray that the Ox and Krystle find healing and peace. May God continue to give you wisdom and favor with the work and with your relationships. Thanks for the blog and pictures. Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Hi to you form Alisa's mom.
I just got he girls on the bus and they were really good. They of course miss you and Jim too. Well I am sure Grandpa Ray too. They talk about you and what you may be doing at that time. I also do too. They love there daily gifts and today was the picture album and loved going thur the pictures of all of you. We are taking them for the night to go to dinner and something fun. Not sure what but thought they would like to come here for a change. Alesis loves to read about you all in the Blog. Brings a smile to her face. We worked on her spelling and think she will do good. I am looking forward to going to Payton's class for her special day.
Wow. Seems like you have done a lot of painting. Ray is good at that. I am sure they love the paint job and what a gift from God to have you come and answer her prayers.
Enjoy the warm weather. It is like in the 20's this morning and frost on the ground. The girls were freezing and so was I while waiting for the bus. What a shock when you come home. We even got a few snow flurries.
Maggie is doing good and is so cute. Abby doesn't think so though. Just to let you know.
I hope all are doing good and there is no more sickness going around. We are all nice and healthy. Thank goodness.
Alisa, I have to tell you how organized you are. With every detail, I am proud of you two. Not only for your courage in going to Hatti, Also in everything. I hope I am not being too personal but really had this on my mind and wanted to share it. What great kids you are. Well you too Ray.
Well off to my day and the usual Friday. I am sure it is not your usual Friday but a wonderful one to be able to help the people in Hatti in a big way. I hope the children's days are going well and thinking of you all there.
Bless you all
Love and Peace to you. Linda