Friday, November 6, 2009


The streets are bustling with activity this morning. Our day is launching early. The children swarm the streets readying for school. Everyone seemed to sleep okay last night. We awoke around six. The busy day commences. We have one quick project to finish up at the house. And then we will be back drilling. We have the equipment out and just about ready to drill. Kelly, (loving referred to earlier in our posting as the “Ox”) is up and pretty much back to his old self. The “princess” (Krystle) is now suffering her brothers’ plight of the past couple of days. When I ask people to pray for our trips it is for the many unseen reasons and obstacles that arise when you attempt to do good, and especially in a place like this. One of Ray’s children that he is supporting has come to see us this morning. She is actually the little girl we treated in the spring after being hit by a motorcycle. Here she stands, petite and beautiful. Stealing our hearts, no actually… just crashing down the bars and carrying us away hostage. Her beauty stands in stark contrast to the plight of her country. May God help us to help them. Loving them is the easy part, rescuing them, well… there’s a challenge. Sometimes though a smile, an affirming hug, a few minutes of attention and you have just validated a life. It is great to go on these trips with teams. These brave people are difference makers. They get to be a part of a unique impact point. Not all can do this, I know this very well, but know that when you support us on these journeys, you too have joined the ranks of the difference makers. Without your help, these things would not be possible. This is truly a complete team effort, the cast at home is as important as the team on the ground! A big round of applause for all you do to help us get here and minister to these hurting hearts and lives. Thank you to all. A special shout out to all of our supporters sending us comments. Sorry about the delay sometimes in getting them up. We have been loving them. Time to set put these fingers to a different task. Blessings today!

P.S. Alexis and Payton, mom and dad are doing great, missing you! We will try to call later. Autumn, you missed the joke of the day yesterday…slacker!!! Ria, Jenni, G, and Michael, mom is doing great!


shelbiemae said...

I love reading these! Last night we had youth group and were asked the question, "What have you done this week to further the kingdom of God?" The first think i thought of was how I have done almost nothing. Then I thought about all of you. Every day you have furthered the kingdom of God and I am so blessed to follow the wonderful things God is doing. Tell Krystal I will be praying for her. And tell Kelly I'm glad he is better.
Shelbie Lingaur

*Ria* said...

Krystle- Aww! I'm so sorry! I hope you get better REALLY soon! This morning while we were eating breakfast we started to sing the Chin Up song, so I shall now sing it to you!

Chin up. chin up. everybody loves a happy face. Wear it, share it, it will brighten up the darkest place. Twinkle, sparkle, let a little sunshine in. You’ll be on the right side, looking at the bright side. Up with your chinny chin chin.


Kelly- I'm so glad you're feeling better now! Hope the good-feelingness doesn't go away! Love you!

Xoxo Ria

P.S. Kelly- How rude of you to get your sister sick!!! lol! :D

Michael G... said...

Wow mom. you look amazing! seeing you on the the pictures makes me remember how much i really love you. :) love Michael.

John said...
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John G said...

Kel, I've been texting so much back and forth with the kids this week, that my phone deleted the text you sent that has Robinsons cell phone number. Is there anyway you could forward that to me again, maybe to my email?

Also, I send Robinson a friend request on facebook, but he has not yet accepted.

John G said...
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G~ said...

Hi guys! I'm thinking about all of you tons!

Alisa, I know this is a little late, but I wanted to tell you that I find it incredibly impressive that you did all that cooking the other day! I officially think of you as a cooking ninja! And you can ask my mom... being a ninja of anything is quite a large feat! Hehe! I look up to you and your strength. :]

And Ray, I don't really know you very well, but I really love the story about you wanting to paint the house. It makes me smile biggly so I can only imagine what it did for everyone there! I think it's fantastic! And I love the picture of you and my grandpa... You guys are both so amazing!

Grandpa!!!!! I miss you! I miss your hugs and your sneak attacks! And I miss the face you make right after you tell a joke or when we tell you to be good. Haha! I'm giggling thinking about how much all those little Haitian girls must love you! Grandma is doing great if you were wondering! We are taking good care of her. ;] When Maria told her that there was a picture posted of you she got all giggly like a little girl and couldn't run over to the computer fast enough! It was awfully cute if I do say so myself. :] But, for seriously, she has been amazing. She has taken such good care of us and she has been making sure I make my bed and keep my room cleaned up. Hehe! I hope you are doing well, I love you sooooo much! I'm sending you big bear hugs!!!

Mama and Aunt Bethie, hahahaha! Today we were talking about your headlights and now I'm cracking up thinking about you two! I can only imagine all the crazy adventures you guys are having. Including peeing in the little hole. Oh how I can't wait to hear the stories! Haha! I miss you guys both so much and I'm so proud of you both. I am so honored to be your daughter and to be your niece. I have a family of hero's... A family of difference makers like Uncle Kell said it. :] And that makes me the luckiest person on this earth. I'm so happy that Haiti gets to experience you.
Mom, I'm in love with the picture of you and Adelaine. You are both beautiful. Oh! It's like we were talking about! About how people need beauty in their lives when things are so bad! Oh, they get you! That's so wonderful and amazing! All of you! Incredibly beautiful people... bringing them sunshine, hope, and love. And surely taking away so much from them as well. What a fantastic exchange of beauty! I love it.

Krystle love!, I'm so sorry you are sick. I'm thinking about you and praying for you. If I was there with you I would play dead with you every now and again. ;] I'm very very proud of you girl. I know I keep saying that, but I mean it with everything in me. You fought so much to just get to where you are now. And you are amazing. I look up to you. You are strong and beautiful and you are such a fighter! I want to be more like you... and I'm fighting for that. :]

Kelly, I bought you something yesterday! I think you will like it a lot! But Whitney told me not to buy it for you... her exact words were, "I have to live with him!" So I bought it anyways! Hehe! I'm so happy you are feeling better! You are also a kick-butt ninja to deal with all that and keep going... Impressive. Woo I know some awesome people!

I love you all!!! Keep up the good work. You guys are so amazing!

Love forever, G.

P.S. I LOVE the pictures, and thanks, uncle kell for the quick update on mama. That means a lot to us!

reyhl6 said...

Hello my friends!!
Krystle it saddens our hearts to think that your smiling face is not warming the hearts of all those around you, We are praying for you.
How is the drilling going? We are at the edge of our seats, water? However we are being patient we know where you are.(smile) (smile}
God is faithful. He provides living water to all those who seek him, Thank you for sharing that living water to those around you in your smiles and your actions.
Blessings to you and all our love.
Beth I'm thinking you probably need to take a few more pictures. (smile) Doyle don't forget to stare at the stars. Rob thanks for taking such great care of everyone. Blessings again!! Love The Reyhl's

John said...
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