Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love Tank

Evening shadows encroach. The air is cooling, and cold showers are soothing soaring body temps. The tank on the roof is repaired, the ceilings in the front porch, living room, dining room and hallway are painted, and the cracks in all the walls are repaired. I mean to bed the team down early tonight and commence early tomorrow. We will work while the air is cool. Beth’s sister is with us on this trip, and for those who don’t know her, her favorite phrase is “I Love you.” (Mwen Renmen-w in Creole) At one point I heard Alisa say; ‘I don’t ever remember being told I love you so many times in one day…” and then to her dad she commented; “no offence dad!” Painting the house today is filling Robinson’s wife’s love tank. And she is happy. The dynamic struggles of a pastor’s wife in Haiti are doubly complicated. She tends the orphan’s they have taken in. (By the way they have a new 14-year-old girl called Junie.) Then the daily hospitality of the pastor’s home, cleaning, washing, and all the duties done by hand, not by power equipment. This is a good task for us to do. Everyone has worked hard. Many repairs are finished, and some economic stuff is settled. Tonight there is no electricity…imagine that… so flashlight time is coming fast. In the house it is pitch black already. I am sitting in the street typing this blog. A skinny dog ambles down the packed gravel and dirt of the street in search of scraps. He nibbles on something; I cannot tell what it is. There is nothing the eye can see. Above me patches of clouds tainted red by the falling sun, glow beautiful in a fading blue sky, betraying the poverty of the place where I sit typing on my little computer screen. How out of place it this. The people are amazing. Ray said today, “I can’t believe Americans collecting unemployment are complaining.” He didn’t mean it harshly; it’s just the stark reality of the conditions he is immersed in today. It changes your perspective, whether you want it to or not. But as a cautionary note, be careful to be thankful for what you do have today, don’t take it for granted, because I can declare boldly, “It could be worse… far worse.” In spite of their suffering, I see more smiles here than in my own country. So on a closing note to this blog named “love tank”, take a quick look around you, pass a smile and risk an “I love you”. Try to impact someone’s tank where the needle may be on ‘empty.’ One reality who’s face here will not be denied is the terrible uncertainty of life. But that truth is one we do have in common in our country as well. We are just shielded from its tentacle’s by our grueling routines. This day is not guaranteed; don’t take it for granted tonight. Take a risk, live a little, love a lot! Blessing from a dirt path in Haiti!


Anonymous said...

To all of you from Linda Hasse.
Wow what a story you are telling us all Pastor Doyle. The trips you have taken and the things you must of seen. What am I talking about, the things you are still seeing. I hear you on your blog and I can't imagine how it must be there. Only by seeing can one really know the poverty and the children that have nothing. I think of all the Stuff, And it is just stuff, I have and so does every one. It humbles me to think of how the culture must be there.
Today was the first day of work I think. Wed. I thought I would be worried more but I guess I have turned My kids and all of you over to the care of God. I learned a lot in recovery and what gets me through tough times or worried times is... " One day at a time and even one hour at a time". I thought I would worry more but I feel good that you all are in Gods hands.
By the way Alisa and Jim your dog, Maggie. looks out the window looking for you and also follows me around everywhere. Maybe she will be a little bit colmer at your house when it is my turn to go with the kids I go tomorrow night to be with the girls. Wow they are doing great Deloris says. We talk each day to see what is happening. Maybe tomorrow night or Friday night we can call. I am going on and on so will close.
Hi to you all that I don't know. I hope my notes aren't too long. Love to you all.......... Linda

Gram said...

Dear Jack and team, tell Kelly I'm praying and would fly down to care for him if I could, but Mom knows what to do. Beth Jo and Lynn- wonder what you had for supper for all. Kids are great, helpful, getting more rest, getting schoolwork done, walking for Jen. Tonight celebration with pop-corn and Wind Talkers and vanilla pudding Mike made. Anne of Green Gables tomorrow maybe/ they're working so hard. Talk with John frequently. Good practice tonight. Missed you girls. G. did well. Your mom Kel said rain for you all till Monday. Tell us more about Junie and Adelaine. Thrilled at all you've done today. Hi to Rob and household for us please. Alisa and Jim and Ray-Delores called last night. Special hugs for all. Big one for you Jack. Praying for each of you. Love DJ Psalm 84:11

Jenni said...

Sure sounds like my Mama! =] This post makes me feel a little closer to her! Thanks Uncle Kel!!! Tell Grandpa we have game 6 of the World Series on currently. So far its the bottom of the fourth and the score is 1 - 4 Yankees if he's interested! Missing you all dearly!
Krystle Beth with two Bs!, I can't decide if i am feeling white and chalky, or furry with out you here! James Sterling is waiting patiently for your return! =]
Hey Aunt Bethy I miss you tons!!!! Mama I miss you and love you!! Know that your "in my heart"!!! I hope you have opened your letter! I hear Dad is incorporating a lot of fish into his meals while you are away!
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! (I must get that from my Mama!) =]

Jenni (with two Ns!)

shannon said...

Wonderful to read your blog! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy what we have and to love. I look forward to reading your blog every day. Keep it coming. Tell Alisa I miss her like crazy. I even tried to call her at work today.Stay safe and know I love you all.

Jim said...

We are throughtly enjoying the blog...I have forwarded the information to Grandma, which I know she wil enjoy reading also. Glad to hear all is going are all in our prayers especially, Alisa, Jim and Ray!

Anonymous said...

Bless you all and all you are doing. I think of you all often and wonder what you are doing. How it must be with the weather and working in it.
I hope Kelly is feeling better and no one else gets sick. I am not sure if you are receiving my comments. I have not seen them on the comments. I hope so.
Hi to Alisa, Jim, and Ray, Take care and all is well here. I am excited to go to Payton's school tomorrow and to stay at your house to spend time with the girls.
I am lucky to be going off to work and I think of all the things I am gratefull for.
Bless you all......... Linda Hasse

Anonymous said...

Good Morning All,
I hope everyone is feeling good and looking forward to another exciting day. We've been thinking about Kelly and hope he is feeling better. Payton, Alexis and I have been faithfully reading the blog as soon a we get home from school. It helps so much to hear about your day, even though we haven't been able to get through on the phone. The girls are doing great and are enjoying the daily gifts that Alisa and Jim left for them. Everything is going just fine here. I am so not suprised that Ray is paintng the house. I'm sure his sister Linda got a good laugh about that too. Tell him I'll have some projects for him when he gets back home.
I miss you all and am very proud of what you're doing there. Hugs and kisses to all. Deloris

Ekul said...

Well... sounds like you guys are enjoying yourseleves. It snowed yesterday, in case you care. Just wanted to let you know I'm in deep prayer for you this day and I know the spirit of our Lord is mowing through your love and action.
Grace and Peace my Brothers and Sisters.

G~ said...

Oh I love this post! It made me smile so big and it was such a great reminder. It's so easy to get caught up in the "world" we live in. I'm thankful for hero's like you guys who can go into a new world and bring back - even through a blog post - something that's so greatly needed. Even here... in a world where we have "everything." I love you guys to Pluto and back!

Mommy, I miss you! I can't wait to hear about all the little kids that are getting all those hugs of yours... hugs that I oh so greatly miss! I heard it's supposed to be chillier there than usual! I was concerned you might freeze. Apparently Gramma says it's not a possibility and Rob-rob would get you a blanket if you needed it. So, I stopped fretting. :p

Krystle, I know you said you wanted to know what we were doing everyday... So, yesterday, Kelly King brought us food for dinner. Oh my goodness it was yum and a half!! And then, after school we watched Windtalkers. I don't know if you've seen it, but it's a war movie. Poor gramma couldn't watch more than half of it! And every bad word made her jump... Lol! She's pretty worried that you guys are all going to throw a fit that she let us watch it even though we were all fine and we got permission from my papa. Haha! She is such a hoot! Anyways, she thinks Anne of Green Gables would be a better choice for today. :p

Love to all of you!! We are praying hard!

Gramma likes to guess what you guys are eating each meal time. :] She thought it was chicken and rice last night. Was she right!?

X's and O's... Massively!

Love G.

julie said...

Hey, Beth's sister, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Stacey Hasse said...

I love to read the blog and hear what is going on there. I'm posting to tell you that Deloris and Linda are having trouble posting on the blog. I'm going to call them and see if I can help. But just to let you all know, the girls are fine and all is well. Love you guys you are truly amazing.

Noah said...

Amen to all of that brothers and sisters. Think we all need to love everyone a little bit more; okay I take that back a lot more. Sounds like you guys are lovin' everyone; good job, keep it up. Kelly hope you get better. I'm praying for you guys. And still wish I was there with you.

Love, Noah Reyhl

Anonymous said...

Dear Haiti Team,
Sounds like much is being done and the ministry you are doing will long last the time you are there. I love the picture of Naomi smiling....that makes my heart happy more then you could know and what a wonderful opportunity to refresh her... Pastor's wife work tirelessly as well and often let things go because there just isnt time or money...Doing this for Naomi no doubt makes her feel like a Queen and as if she has a new house! Go Team!
Dad if you get a chance to take a picture of our newest robinson add please do...We would love to see Junie's face!
So sorry to here the Ox is in the ditch...although that gave me a good laugh! We are praying feverishly for Kelly to feel better soon...I did tell Kari last night though that the blessing in this might be his rest... he works far to hard like you...never stopping and perhaps this trip is meant for more rest ...
I miss all of you and enjoy reading these to keep up.... a huge part of my heart is there with you guys and I am so proud of you all!

Isaiah 61:1
The SPIRIT of the sovereign LORD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor, HE has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners"

As you rest your weary heads and bodies tonight be encouraged that you are furthering the kingdom of Heaven. That each stroke of paint, each I love you, each hug, each smile is as if you were doing it to CHRIST are undertaking a great labor of Love...GOD's labor for HIS people who are worth more to HIM then the sparrows...what an awesome and eternal privilege !
Our prayers continue steadfastly for you at home...we love you! Press on!
Lots of love