Friday, November 6, 2009


The day has darkened once again. Night comes quickly here. Not sure what that is about. It was a cooker today! I had decided to pretty well cease team activity until the children’s service this afternoon. It proved to be a good call. We finished a couple of projects and contracted tile work at the church bathroom. They did a section big enough for Jim to set the American toilet and sink. To all who have been here, there will be mixed reviews on that one. Like, ‘whoa will that be nice’ to ‘who are we who deserve such when they have to use a hole.’ I know, I know, but progress is necessary. We worked at a new set up for drilling, built a drilling tank, abandoned the original hole, reset the rig, filled all the tanks and are set to drill first thing in the AM. We picked up the rest of the paint for the house and Ray will start early to get more done before the heat of the day crashes against our Michigan thickened blood. Children’s day is tomorrow, we had well over two hundred children for the children’s service this afternoon, not sure what tomorrow will bring, but one thing is for certain, it will bring children!! I am sitting here in the garage by the little Honda generator filling my computer with enough juice to get off another blog post tonight. The street outside is pitch black and yet out of the inky darkness comes the sound of many children playing in the path. A flashlight from a curious American pierces the darkness and behold a round of “Ring Around the Rosey” is going on as the children circle in the night. The children are alive with chatter and laughter! These people are a testament to the superior survival skills God loaded into our human constitution. My trips to Haiti have done much to thwart my “I can’t” thoughts and attitudes. Philippians 4:8 has been used so often as a prop to get us through bumps in our lives, but that scripture is true on a much deeper level than we give it credit for. I cannot minimize our sufferings, for I know many do, but I can maximize the suffering of these people, and while my heart hurts for their plight, I am amazed at their spunk and vitality as they face off with seemingly hopeless day after dark day with a tenacity that is inspiring and overwhelming! They have tapped a well supply of divine grace that I have yet to plunge the depth of. I must confess, my heart is a bit timid, perhaps even shudders to think of finding myself in such a place. But if taken there, these people are proof that God’s word is true. As I again soaked in the noon prayer time, and watched these people’s focused energy, I was again humbled and reminded how vast our God is, and good! For in these people’s material poverty they are finding something we rarely will. Material things keep us shallow, don’t curse them, but respect, yeah, even fear their ability to rob you of gifts much greater and more deeply satisfying than things. Matter of fact, go to your stash, wherever and whatever it is, and dare to take something and give it away, cut the strings that bind us, unleash your faith, throw away the chains. We were meant to live free; we just need to exercise our freedom! I am thanking God every day for the lessons He is teaching me deep in my heart as He allows us to minister His gifts through us to these immense people. Blessings always and often!

P.S. Kelly is getting better, Krystle is worse. Thanks for the prayers on their behalf!


Gram said...

Hi Jack and Team. Praying over the kids especially- girls missing you Krystle. Excited about the well work, the restroom, the painting, kids day tomorrow. Thanks Alisa for doing the cooking one night. You looked impressive on the roof. Wonderful pics of all of you with the children. Beth- saw Mama and Girls and Grant today. Serge ok so far in Iraq. Kids and I doing great and keeping busy. They are fantastic communicators, good helpers, good cooks, laundry girls, lol here. Michael- clever with dominoes, full of spice and surprises. Very helpful. Hon- Jack did bank errand. Miss you tons. Beth Jo- towels and errands done. Love it that you girls are with Dad. We want to see Junie. Hi Rob and Naromie, Boys and Adelaine. Love you all. Keep up the good work. Praying. Jer. 33:3


autumn said...

My poor Krystle it hurts me to see you smiling in that picture and to know that you are hurting and sick now. Although I have to say you being sick brings back great memories.(well maybe not great) Do you get to use the same puke bucket that I got to use? jk, my prayers and thoughts are with you. Kelly am so happy that you are now better. Man, maybe I spoke to soon, that darn swine flu. Sorry I didn't write you guys Luke had his state semi-final game and we didn't get back till late(it was in Holton and they lost in overtime). Sounds like you guys are getting lots done and God is really using you in ways that are unexpected. I know that time goes by fast when your down there, faster than we want, but don't forget to step back from all that your doing and realize where God has put you and why he sent you where he did. I love you all and only wish that I could be there with you all professing Gods love to all of my family in Haiti. Sooooooooo... the moment you have all been waiting for the JOKE OF THE DAY!!!!!! here it is...

A preacher went to visit an eldrly woman from his church who had just had an operation.As he was sitting there talking with her, he noticed a bowl of peanuts on the stand next to the bed.He began to eat them, and soon it was time for him to leave.When he got up he noticed he had eaten all of her peanuts."Sister Jones,"he said" I'm sorry I ate all of your peanuts."She replied "That's okay pastor,I already sucked all of the chocolate off of them." (mmmmmm, pastor Doyle just think about all the peanuts or lovely snacks you've had during your pastor years)

and here is one more seeing I missed a joke

One day in Sunday school, the teacher was talking about who Jesus is to the kids, "Bobby, where is Jesus?" asked the teacher. "Jesus is in heaven." replied Bobby. "Very good!", said the teacher. The teacher then asked a little girl," Where is Jesus, Emily?". Emily said innocently, "Jesus is in my heart!". The teacher beamed at little Emily and said, "How very sweet!!!". The teacher now asked Timmy, "Timmy, where is Jesus?". "Jesus is in my bathroom." he said assuredly. "Please elaborate, Timmy.", the teacher said. Timmy then replied, "Well, every morning my dad gets up, bangs on the bathroom door and yells. Jesus Christ, are you still in there!!!"

Love you all and my thoughts and prayers are with you, God Bless


*Ria* said...

Hey my favorite people in the world! Krystle- I'm SO sorry you are feeling so sick! We are all praying for you! Everyone- I'm so proud of you! You are doing a great job getting things done! Today we all got done with school and we went to the civic center were Gram wanted to take us to see the skaters! We got there... sat down.. watched them for about five min.. and Gram looked over at Gig and said "You don't have to stay here! Are you ready to go?" Apparently she thought Gig was going to freeze to death! Lol! So we left! It was fun though! Lol! After that we went to a few stores to try and find some sun-butter for G! They had it at this one store full of all this organic stuff and healthy food! Me and G went in alone! When we walked out of there me and G had the same thought! She said "In there it was strange! It was like the Twilight Zone or something!" When we got in the car she said to gram "It was weird! They were all happy, happy, joy, joy like 'We eat healthy food!' They would all walk up to each other and smile and another person would be brushing something off anothers shoulder if they had something on it! It was like they had their own little colt of healthyness!" I just thought that was funny so I had to tell you! We haven't talked to Dad yet tonight but I think he's doing good! We ate goolosh tonight! It was VERY good! Oh! And I can't believe it but Kelly King (she made us dinner a few days ago) called at 2 today and asked if on Sunday after church if she could take us bowling, lazer taging, or to see a movie! Can you believe that?? She said she'll get us pizza and that Stevie and Whitney can come with us! So we decided on bowling and we are all going! It's so exiting! Krystle- I relay, REALLY want you to get better soon! I feel so bad that your sick right now! It was bad enough that Kelly was sick! :( I wish you were here to go bowling with us! :D- Mama- I've been getting your hugs every night! Dad says he misses you! He like seeing your pic on the here! Keep up the god work everyone! Love you lots!

xoxo Ria

Stacey Hasse said...

Feel better soon Krystle! Hugs!!! Alisa - I spoke with Alexis and Payton last night. They were worn out from a fun night with Grandma Linda. They wanted to talk to "Uncle Goofy". I told them of Emily's latest exploits and they laughed. Take care everyone. Keep up the great work! I so enjoy keeping up with your efforts through this blog. Love and Prayers to you all.

Anonymous said...

From Linda
Here it is saturday. The girls are doing so well. They loved their board game Alisa. They already have played a game and think it is cool.
It is a balmy day. In the 50's think it will get mid 50's today and like near 60 tomorrow. We are going to the beach to get rocks. You know how I like rocks Alisa.
I think of you all so much and pray the all are doing well.
God sure has picked the right people to be there.
Sue has the girls bikes out so we are taking the dogs for a walk and the girls are riding there bikes. Need to get out and play while it is nice. Wonder how you are doing in the heat and humidity.
Now... you are getting your summer.
I guess that is all on our end.
Looking forward to hear how the day went. Love to you all. Linda

John G said...
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Reyhl6 said...

A smile is spreading across my face as I am thinking of all of you today and all you are looking forward to accomplishing, but I must admit I am even more excited for tomorrow as you prepare your hearts for a day of worship and praise to our Lord and King, and a day of rest, to rest in his peace. I can’t help but think of a comment made by Dawn Brown that Pastor America read last April when we were down there because it so expresses the feelings of my heart right now. So allow me to quote her.
“I am always amazed at the perseverance of the Haitian people's faith. I could never figure out how they walk out of a 6x6 simple home without running water or electricity with white pressed shirts as white as the clouds, and women walking in high heels across the rocky roads in their bonnets, with anticipation and a little smile on their heart. What a glorious sight to see the Sabbath so cherished in a community with so little. I have always been tremendously blessed on Sundays in Haiti. My heart is filled with joy for you and your team and yet a quiet sadness and a little envious of how God is using you in such blessed ways.”

In spirit I will be rejoicing with you and praising God with my fellow believer’s here in Suttons Bay. Enjoy your Sunday and your time with one another and the people around you. Time will fly from this point on. Send my greetings to all. Krystle we gathered together and prayed for you this morning, we pray you are doing better.
Lots of Love from all of us here in MI.
The Reyhl's

G~ said...

Hi guys!!! Oh my goodness I can NOT wait to hear all about how today went! I bet you guys had so many kids! :]I miss you all so badly.

Mama, Papa said he talked to you today! I talked to him this morning and he sounded like he was going to die! Then he called us after he talked to you and I knew he had found a cure! Haha! How cute is he? :] I miss you soooo badly! It's crazy! The other day I had to go to Walgreens for some ah-hems, some chapstick, ramen noodles, and an eyeshadow brush. There were two brushes... One was for defined eyes (the one we already have) and the other was for smokey eyes, but it was very similar. Well, the smokey eyes one was on sale for two dollars cheaper! It was killing me not being able to call you! I just stood there staring at them for like 10 minutes. Lol!! Speaking of that, I hope you girls are having fun doing makeup!! I wish I was there!

I miss you guys all soooo much! Sorry I can't write more tonight. I am praying for all of you so much! Hugs and kisses to everyone!

Love G-