Sunday, November 15, 2009


As I ready for church back here in America this morning, I am reflecting on the week gone by. A week swept away by the ever flowing present. It is now tucked neatly away in the corridors of history. What did I learn, experience, how did I change, what impact did my life have. I review the many pictures of our journey, and see again the ravaging of a country. Someone asked me yesterday, "what's the answer?" That is a big question that lots of people have asked, and scores more have tried to figure out. Many are doing something, 'difference makers' I call them. But then the pictures beg the question, is it really making a difference? The picture in this blog post today represents potential. I don't dabble too much in what was, God doesn't seem to either. I am well acquainted with potential though. This amazing tree seen here in this photo was once a little seed that fell upon this rough ground, a dry and barren soil, ravaged by erosion, stripped of all its supposed potential to grow anything, but behold the tree. It reminds me never to count anything out. That the smallest seed of good can find a foothold in the climate of the forsaken and touched by God can grow into something magnificent. Yes there is great potential for Haiti. The climb is steep and the setbacks enormous, but plant that breaks the surface of the ground after having gone through the labor of germination where life breaks forth to the surface brings hope that our labors are not in vain. Pray that hope springs anew in this forsaken land, that hope continues to be borne on the wings fo the faithful, that each of our journey's in provides more nutrients for the seeds that are sown, and that God give the increase! Blessings today!

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Anonymous said...

The pictues of the tree looks like they may be in Florida. The beauty there is far and few in between. I am sure looking up and seeing the beauty of the ocean, like you have said in one of your other postings, and trees make you feel that it is the only beauty of the area. So the tree tells me that there is beauty there and you also find it in the hearts of the people there. I am probably not making sence but it is what is going through my mind. Thanks for the contuning postings... Linda Hasse