Saturday, November 7, 2009

Green Light

What a day we have had. 4 of 9 are fighting colds, and the heat has been unrelenting. The dust has been ridiculous, and our painting project at the house loaded us with paint fumes. We made some headway drilling, but are out of drilling mud. Contemplating a trip back in December to finish. It will be incredible when we get our new rig in. Pray it all comes together quickly. I would like to get a schedule of wells being drilled regularly, and with the bigger rig, we could easily get a couple of wells a week. With the right kind of equipment, these are actually not bad drilling conditions here in St. Marc. What a difference water makes. Tonight as we went to gather our drinks for tomorrow (everything is closed on Sunday!) as Rob and I made the purchase, the power went down. When it finally came up, we finished our transaction, and moved our purchase to the sidewalk with the intention of hiring a taxi. Don’t you know that just then it started to rain, my first time of having rain here in all the time I have spent here. You couldn’t find a taxi to hire. We jumped on the bike and ran to the property to get the truck. On the way back to the store I noticed we were very low on gas. After we picked up all the drinks, we had to go on and get gas. At the end, a simple little trip to the store to get pop and water took us over an hour! This country has its frustrating moments, but then out of nowhere suddenly God reveals Himself to us in His faithfulness to remind us of His grand design. As we were buzzing along, we came upon what I think is the only stop light in St. Marc. We were trying to make good time, and the light was green. It was the first time I went through a green light in Haiti. But then again this is a land of ‘firsts’ for me! As we went through that green light, I was reminded in that moment that God has His stamp of approval on this trip and it’s ministry. Frustrations aside, we come bearing the best news there is, carried on wings of love and hope. (Did I mention we had over 400 kids for ‘Kids Day’ today?) The scripture ‘be not weary in well doing’ courses through my weary mind and body tonight. How well God knows us, that He had those words written in His book to remind us in these seasons that He is still in control, when all else in piling on, God shows up in a green light! Time to roll on! Blessings tonight!


Lorie Raelyn said...

Bless you all. Please give my love to my Dad (Ray) and Alisa and Jim. My Dad sure is a rock, isint he? Looks like you need a nurse...maybe I will have to make the next trip!
Hugs and kisses to all those beautiful children!
Lorie Raelyn

Anonymous said...

Glad for all the posts.. it helps to quiet my longing heart for my people in Haiti and a team of loved ones there right now... So sorry to hear about the colds going around... guess you guys have taken the sharing thing to the extreme :-) I must be having a sympathy cold like sympathy pregnancy weight .. I find myself too fighting to stay above water on this one but am certain I do so in far greater comfort. I will continue to pray GOD brings swift healing and protection to you all. 400 children???? That is so awesome... I can just picture the swarm since we hit 325 last day we were there...praise the LORD....I can imagine it is a bit like it must have been for CHRIST saying let the little children come and they came... what an immense opportunity to reach out the wellsprings of GOD's love to the ones HE no doubt cherishes. Again I am so proud of you all! I love the pictures and stories ... I cannot wait until you bring back more then can fit on a blog powered for a moment by a generator in the dark. I look forward to sharing in the new shape of your lives as GOD has been working hard to transform you. So amazing what GOD can bring to culmination after 7 months of praying, trusting, testing, and amazing answers to prayers. HE is faithful like that... HE is faithful to bend down close to us when we call and even in moments that cause us to stretch... HE is faithful to answer at just the right time and in the most exciting and amazing ways. And HE gives us that gift to .... to be HIS answer to others... to the struggling people in Haiti... who no doubt cherish your time there and feel as if CHRIST is physically walking among them. What an honor... what a high calling... what a passion that should spur us on to leave behind the false and deceiving things of this world and cause us to lay hold of and grasp what really matters and what really lasts for eternity. I am lifting you up in prayer and sending encouragement and love your way.
continued (apparently I am long winded tonight and have too many character LOL)

Anonymous said...

Alisa I love the picture of you standing on the roof... the smile you have couldnt make me love you any more:-) You are amazing...and I am so proud you are there right now.

Ray you look like you fit right all we have to do is get you a mad, dark tan and Dad could have a hard time explaining if he brought you or found you in Haiti! Keep up the good work!

Jim so glad you are on this trip... Alisa and I poured a lot of prayers in to getting you there... and now I can see it was GOD's design all along... what a great help you are to my dad and to those Haitians and your mark will be there long after your time is complete. At a boy!

Momma I miss ya something fierce.. amazing I can go days without talking to you when you are here but when i cant talk to you I am all but going bananas:-) I know you are loving those kids...sharing your heart and GOD's light and filling Haiti with GOD's love! Yeppers that my momma!

Kelly so glad you pulled yourself out of the ditch. I am extremely proud of the young man you have become and your fierce drive to accomplish things and make the world a better place is very inspiring! Keep on but get your rest! favorite little sister who isnt so little.. I am praying you re feeling better soon...Are you keeping the boys in line? I miss you and cant wait to see your pics and hear your stories! Love ya!

Aunt simply must come back to Haiti when I go next...can't imagine having someone more fun to share the adventure...I love that you say the words I love you so much!!! I like to think of it as a reminder of how often GOD whispers HIS love to us with each breath we take. Snap away girl.. I trust the batteries are holding up and look forward to seeing the amazing photos I know you are taking! are a great joy to be there I just know.. your crazy sense of humor and great big encouraging hugs are just what they need...and with all those people around it gives you even more of an opportunity to try out your antics...I miss you and am so glad you are there loving them again!

Dad...last but certainly not least :-) You are the most amazing Pastor and godly man I have ever never ceases to amaze me how you are constantly changing and growing...going deeper and further in...I doubt I will ever meet another man like you and though I can hear your humble heart saying you are only human.. you are an amazing one at that...When I look back on the course of life and see GOD's hand at work in your life since you were born it goes to show the great things HE can do and how HE willingly draws nears to those who's hearts are stayed on HIM. There is an amazing team in Haiti now..once again...and GOD has chosen an incredible shepherd to lead walk on HIS behalf and to bring HIS love, HIS answers, HIS comfort to a people HE loves and has not forgotten. All those prayers they pour out at prayer time are being answered in your faithfulness to return and return again. I am so proud that you listen to HIS call and answer faithfully. I am so proud you are my hero, my shepherd, my father and my friend! Keep up the good work GOD is changing a country because you help us to reach out!

I love you all.. rest well... begin anew tomorrow.. love..give..grow....and bring us back your hearts changed and on fire for the kingdom... we will be here..waiting ...waiting to be lit on fire as well!

autumn said...

Hey guys I know, I know, thats what happens when I'm not around, you all get sick and tired. To bad you don't have some of the magical maple syrup that I'm going to have on my pancakes in the morning. Each of your faces will be invisioned on each pancake I eat. As I'm eating your face I will pray for you with each bite. I'll put extra syrup on Grandpa P's face(because he made the syrup)and I'll but extra chocolate chips on Krystle's face because she's feeling kinda poopy :) By the way how is my loving sister in Christ Krystle doing. I will miss Kelly, Krystle and your possy at youth group tomorrow night. We will be gathering can food for the less fortunate, so they can eat a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Notice how I used the word less fortunate rather than poor. No one really knows the true meaning of poor until they have been surronded by the Haitian people and culture for a few weeks. And the amazing thing is that the Haitians don't even act like their poor, because their not their rich the the richest people in the world. It's so darn hard for us americans to fathom the true meaning of rich. So thank you for going to Haiti and telling people about your trips and stories so they can start to maybe realize the true meaning of rich. WOW, my friends were right when they said I was bi-polar. I go from eating your pancake faces to the real and scary truths of this world. I will be praying for you all and just remember that God has a plan for all of you and through this may he help you realize how blessed we really are. So in the midst of all adversities don't forget to bow your head and thank God for all the wonderful things that he has blessed you with. Now for the JOKE OF THE DAY.....

An old man on a little scooter, looking about
100 years old, pulls up next to a doctor at
a street light.

The old man looks over at the sleek shiny car and asks,
'What kind of car ya got there, sonny?'

The doctor replies, 'A Ferrari GTO.
It cost half a million dollars!'

'That's a lot of money,' says the old man.
'Why does it cost so much?'

'Because this car can do up to 320 miles an hour!'
states the doctor proudly.

The scooter driver asks, 'Mind if I take a look inside?'
'No problem,' replies the doctor.

So the old man pokes his head in the window and looks
around. Then, sitting back on his scooter, the old man
says, 'That's a pretty nice car, all right...
But I'll stick with my scooter!'

Just then the light changes, so the doctor decides to show
the old man just what his car can do. He floors it,
and within 30 seconds the speedometer reads 160 mph.

Suddenly, he notices a dot in his rear view mirror.
It seems to be getting closer! He slows down to see what
it could be and suddenly WHHOOOOOOSSSSSHHH!
Something whips by him going much faster!
'What on earth could be going faster than my Ferrari?'
the doctor asks himself.

He floors the accelerator and takes the Ferrari
up to 250 mph.

Then, up ahead of him, he sees that it's the old man
on the little scooter!

Amazed that the scooter could pass his Ferrari, he gives it
more gas and passes the scooter at 275 mph and He's feeling
pretty good until he looks in his mirror and sees
the old man gaining on him AGAIN!

Astounded by the speed of this old guy, he floors the gas
pedal and takes the Ferrari all the way up to 320 mph.

Not ten seconds later, he sees the scooter bearing down
on him again!

The Ferrari is flat out, and there's nothing he can do!
Suddenly, the scooter plows into the back of his Ferrari,
demolishing the rear end.

The doctor stops and jumps out and unbelievably the old man
is still alive.

He runs up to the mangled old man and says, 'I'm a doctor...
Is there anything I can do for you?'

The old man whispers,
'Unhook my suspenders from your side view mirror'.

Hope that made you laugh. If possible in the next blog could you let us know how Krystle is(pretty pretty pretty please)
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you all, especially that you will get over your colds and that God will bless you with patience beyond your natural limits so that your love can overflow to the people in Haiti. Love you and miss you, Lynn! Jennifer King