Saturday, November 14, 2009


I mentioned we had kids day, and we did that on Saturday afternoon. One of the big highlights was that we recruited, (or should I say Robinson recruited) two wonderful young men from the church to be clowns. One was Manius and the other Parnel. As this is a no frills, no thrills society, I was not sure how this would go over. And at first it was a struggle. The smaller children were actually afraid! That has a way of taking the wind out of one's sails, because they especially were the ones we wanted to have a good time. But these guys were naturals, and it didn't take them long to warm the children up. Nor to learn the clowning ropes! How many times it sweeps through my mind how blessed the children are in our country. I walked through Best Buy and Sam's tonight with a sense of being overwhelmed. So much stuff, our hoarding ego presses us for more. Our kids pull at our pant legs, their cravings for more are manifested through begging. And how easily we often cave. At least I know I have at times. As we head into the Christmas season, let us put in place some cautionary thoughts and measures, perhaps be a little more frugal, maybe even help a child in Haiti to experience their first Christmas. Kids can do with less, they often do much better with less. Actually don't we all do much better with less. I think God knows us well and I think He limits us according to what He knows we can handle, what is best for us. In just the right season He will send along a couple of clowns to help brighten our day, to fill our mouths with laughter, to shed light on a darkened path, a sorrowful day. Remember that as you head of to bed tonight. Many blessings from a thankful heart!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your posts Pastor Doyle. I have enjoyed reading all of them and still do. I am sure there is so much to say and share with everyone. It has been educational for me and God has spoke to me for sure. I loved to see all the videos of all that went on that Alisa took on her camera. What a different world. I could only imagine but seeing it for real is impowering. We do need to learn about what is important this Christmas time. Your trip has given me something to really think about and what is important. Things are just that. Things.
Love to you all. Linda