Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, not sure, but we took a bit of a chance and hired a trip up the mountain to Terre Blanc this morning. We have a house that we needed to contract some repair work for and I needed to go check it out. Several wanted to go along, but it would have been a long walk, and you can’t get a bus to go up the mountain. So all nine team members saddled six motorcycles and headed up! We paid a quick visit to a local church and then took pictures of the home we need to fix. We also checked out the scenery that was quite stunning. Everyone really enjoyed it. The poverty of the mountains is… well, I don’t know how to describe it. They are a simple people who live very simply. Pretty much everyone you meet in Haiti is warm, but the mountain people glow as we encounter them. They are wonderful. The trip back down was revealing. In order to save gas, the guys left their engines off and just used their brakes. When we reached the bottom, I instructed Robinson that the amount of gas they saved was more than consumed on the brakes. Plus they had no backup if the brakes went! If I ever do it again, I will make sure they are instructed before we head up. But they were good drivers, and everyone had a blast. As I type this post Parnel is recording us on the church camcorder. He is about 4” taller than Ray, it would make him about 6’6”. His is such a bundle of joy. He and Manius served as our clowns for children’s day. And they did an awesome job. They are such a great and willing people. It is so refreshing as you are around them. Now we are heading to Des Dunes for the afternoon. Going to pass out candy to they children there. Promises to be a great time! Blessings.


Erin said...

I am sure it was quite a sight to see you all saddled up on motorcycles-- Can't imagine what an adventure that was! As your trip comes to a close I hope you are all filled with peace and happiness at the love you were able to share... and the love I am sure you received as well.
Have a safe trip home... Holding you close in thought, Erin

Sue said...

I somehow knew that Jim and Alisa would get a motorcycle ride in. Ha Ha! I see in a couple of pictures that there are cameras and can't wait to see the pictures. Great job team, we are very proud of you and the work you have done. Safe travels home. Sue