Tuesday, November 17, 2009


When I went into Haiti this time my computer had a problem. I took a risk and took it hoping it would work the whole time, and that I would get it into the shop for repair before the warranty expired on November 14th. God worked and so did the plan! So I have been without it the last couple of days while they replaced the logic board and heat sink. I must confess I have felt a little lost. So much of what I do is assisted by this little machine. As I pass my time in Haiti, at times it occurs to me odd that in a land of poverty and such desolation that I can walk a couple of blocks from the parsonage and surf the world wide web in St. Marc! There were several issues this time with the service, but still, every day I was able to get off a post and sometimes a picture or two. I think nothing of sinking down on my sofa at the house and flipping open the lid of my computer and almost instantly being online. So much we have come to take for granted. Such a different life But if the power goes down? Well now, there's a thought. It goes down all the time in Haiti. They pretty much live without it. If it comes on, okay, if not, okay. I would be blowing a gasket, but it is a normal routine for them. Who turns the power on, for how long? Who decides who gets it, who doesn't? As I ask Robinson my barrage of questions, he shrugs his shoulders and says to me, it's just the way it is, it's Haiti! We are Americans, we get informed on this stuff, we know the numbers to call to complain. But what have we gained at the end of the day? Frustration, maybe we get our way, but what of it. Might we be better off sometimes without all our technology. Sometimes our texting, facebooking, web surfing, cell phones, digital camera's, etc. get in the way of what is most important. I am very grateful as I have arrived back in the States for all my technology, heaven knows how it helps me through my days. But I have a new view of it, and am working to manage a more practical balance of my needs for my gadgets. After all, I know what happens now when the plug gets pulled! Try unplugging for a while and see what happens in your life, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. Blessings from a bright screen and a live cursor!

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Gallo Family said...

It's so funny, since we've been home I have showed the girls how it is to cook in the dark :) I got good at that one! Payton lost "electricity" a couple of times... You don't realize how you take it for granted! I could give or take it though... I enjoy building the relationships that we did because there was not the TV all the time! What a reminder to have that our "gadgets" can clutter up our days! as I sit with the TV on.... for sound and typing away on my computer.... but I did fine without it all too! Thanks for the forever reminder that we don't really NEED it!