Monday, January 25, 2010


It continues to be a significant challenge to reach Robinson, matter of fact, he has had more success calling me than of me calling him. I was taking to my international phone service company tonight and they said their service into Haiti was back up to 70%. I had to laugh; my success rate today for all of my tries is 0%!
Here is what is fresh, Rob had to go on a emergency run for a broken down vehicle about halfway to Port this morning, he took people coming to stay at the property from PAP to register for their aid and location at the YWAM campus, collected money at Western Union, and distributed food. He is gathering clothing, personal hygiene items, and trying to keep up with the responsibilities of all those he is sheltering at the property. He has been using the small children’s tent but the crowd is growing and is now too big to keep them all there, so they are moving them to the big tent. He is utilizing his church family to help meet the needs of these pouring into St. Marc.
I asked about the needs on the congregation and he said; ‘brother, it is hard for them right now, but they are not the victims. The people from PAP have nothing!” They have no clothes, no food, no house, they have lost everything. He is asking his church people to bring their clothes! That breaks my heart. I have a closet full of clothes, I can spare a rack, these poor people have so little to begin with, and now they are being asked to bring from their meager rations. WOW! What amazing hearts! We give out of our wealth; they give out of their poverty!
There are now 20 people staying at the property, and the count is climbing quickly as they distribute among all the churches in St. Marc.
St. Marc made the national news last night, people are leaving Port in masses and St. Marc is the choice location. Robinson told me that Gonaives is too destroyed that the people don’t want to go there and Cap-Haitien is too far north to be away from their home. He said St. Marc is stacked with people. Everywhere you look there are masses of people; needy, needy people.
I think the YWAM director has it right, this is starting week #3, and looks to be a transition week, moving from short term rescue to long term care, continuing medical surgeries, and rebuilding. Pray this week for wisdom and endurance as rescue teams and medical care people try to get restored from the initial push and running on adrenaline, and the same for all the Haitian’s who have also pressed and labored and buried their dead. Emotions have been spent for a lifetime for them; recuperation is what they desperately need. So pray the distribution continues to level out, and that the weather holds steady, and significant plans for restoration gain solid momentum and clear direction. Pray for the leadership and government to enter a new phase of responsibility to their people, that out of the dust and ashes, and new day dawn’s, a brighter, better hope is born. Blessings to all.

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