Thursday, January 21, 2010


So far today there has been no contact with Robinson. As you will all know from the email last night, in addition to an already full plate, he is readying our facilities to accommodate 60 displaced people from Port. With all of the aftershocks, I am currently thrilled that we are using a tent for our worship facility. I am already contemplating the purchase of another bigger tent. These are going to work quite well for a while. While the fear of the people remains high, a falling tent would not be a threat. Our tents will serve as great shelter for these people, and I think our church family will be a great asset in watching over them and keeping them taken care of until housing can be rebuilt or the people find new homes. I am sure this has Robinson busy, and on top of that serving as a translator for the medical doctors, I am wondering when he will rest himself. That being said, I will continue to try to reach him for an update and as soon as I do, I will be posting it up.
My thoughts recently have been considering so many aspects of the earthquake, but one is surfacing over and over. It's this word 'suddenly'. I have been reminded in the last few days of the fragility of life. Haiti on a whole sets this concept continually before me as I have been engaged in ministry there and working with Robinson. In our society of warranties and guarantees, insurance and plenty, entertainment and communication, we rarely give pause to reflect on the true fragility of life, and the precious moments we have. The earthquake happening when it did and with the level of devastation it has wrought, sat me back on my haunches. I talked to Robinson just 2 hours before the earthquake, and it was business as usual, plans as usual, hopes and dreams as usual, fellowship as usual. In a few seconds, usual was erased like chalk on a blackboard. Some slippage of rock, uncontrolled by human skill or power some 5-6 miles beneath earths surface altered the course of a nation, maybe even in some ways the world, for years, maybe decades, maybe forever. Not just a few families, or even a little town, that earthquake has reshaped the current news and headlines, has demanded the worlds attention, is altering economics, life 'suddenly' became different for millions. I am cherishing my Haitian family, my church family, my own family a little differently. These people who had little to begin with, have now been demanded everything they own. In split seconds, hopes and dreams vanished like a great magicians trick. Except this was real, no illusions. And that is the thought that has captured my attention, don't live in illusions, cherish this moment, savor your relationships. The thread of life is fragile, and things can change 'suddenly', have changed 'suddenly', and will change 'suddenly'. The wonderful thing about watching a young man like Robinson, is that he was ready, he had prepared, and now with many of his countrymen, are doing great things. May we live in readiness as well! Your outpouring of support, and so quickly, shows that you are all living with a certain readiness as well, but tonight take stock again of all the blessings you have received and be grateful, absorb the moment, not morbidly, but with awareness. Breathe in gratefulness, exhale frustration. Peace be with you tonight! Blessings again.

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