Friday, January 15, 2010


Today we were blessed with a small miracle. I have tried calling for hours, which turned into days, joining the ranks of all those trying to find out if a loved one survived or not. I had some pretty good information I shared in my previous post that St. Marc although very shaken, was okay. But you never really know until you get it first hand. Today we were able to slip through a tiny window of communication and talk to Robinson for about 4-5 minutes. It was not near enough, but mid sentence, communications took a mind of their own, and we were cut off.
Here’s what I know. Many from PAP are arriving to fill the hospitals in St. Marc. Robinson has taken all the medical supplies that we took in on our trips to the hospitals to help. The churches in St. Marc are all sending envoys to Port to help and take whatever aid they can. He said the water and food supplies are dwindling quickly everywhere as the country sends it’s meager rations back to where they came from.
Robinson told me that St. Marc was shaken so much during the earthquake, and by the following tremors that everyone is sleeping in the streets away from walls and buildings. There is still great fear, and nerves and tension run high even 60 miles away from the epicenter of the quake. He said the government is virtually destroyed, and the people seem lost in the confusion.
The excruciating news that we received though was that Ynieves and her little baby ‘Sarabeth’, were both killed in the quake Tuesday. You will remember if you have followed our posts that this wonderful mom was staying with Robinson our first trip in as a family in 2008. She and her husband had miraculously survived the hurricane that destroyed Gonaives, a port city north of St. Marc. Rob and Naromie had taken her in while her husband labored for months to restore their home. She was pregnant at the time we were there, and when the baby was born they called and asked for Beth and Krystle to name her! It was special. We have been able to see them every time we have gone in since, and what a delight Sarabeth has been. Apparently Sarabeth had taken ill and needed to see a doctor in Port. Ynieves made the long journey Tuesday and arrived in Port exhausted. She took little Sarabeth into a building and went to sleep on a bed. The quake struck and they both perished. Needless to say, the tears have flowed in St. Marc and in our home as well. Robinson told me they still have not been able to get them out, and wasn’t sure if they will, they are buried so deeply. Naromie is devastated with the loss of her very close cousins, and Sarabeth had been such a delight for her as she is unable to have children right now. The depth of this pain is unimaginable.
This disaster is full of personal tragedy that is still unfolding, and no amount of aid will ever replace lives. This is where our prayers come into play. We can help carry their burdens, and beg God to be merciful to those left behind. God will do what no nations can pull off, He will save, protect, guide, and provide where we will most certainly fail! Thank you all for your prayers and support. Gifts are flowing in, and we will get them to Robinson. He said the needs are great, and they will respond in kind. I am forever indebted to this young man of courage, wisdom, and great faith. Any who make calloused statements about these people and their plight ought to walk softly. We are all on ginger ground, and but for the Grace of God, there go we. This is no time for fault finding, this is time for treasure building. Time to store our goods where moth and rust do not corrupt. Give wisely, and generously, and prayerfully!
In the meantime, we are cherishing our memories, and getting ready to risk making more. After all, what else really counts in life! Blessings tonight.


Faithe said...

Thanks so much for the update. We have been praying MUCH and watching the horrific news, riveted with the thoughts of what those dear people are facing, and will continue to face. I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like.
We already have BIC (our church denomination) and MCC (our sister-church affiliate) team members there, taking in aid. We can only pray that order can be restored so that relief efforts can move ahead efficiently.
May the Lord bless your ministry as you reach out to the lost and needy.
BTW, I too am shocked at how calloused some have become in making judgmental statements at such a time as this. Often the world puts all Christians in the same "basket" as these types, and it becomes a poor reflection of the true love of God. May we live to prove them differently.
Keep us up to date with any news you receive from the "front lines."

shannon said...

So sick and sad over this news. I will keep praying with all my heart for the people of Haiti.