Monday, January 18, 2010


I was just was able to connect with Robinson again. Had a great chat for a few minutes. He is doing okay. They are very pleased the American military is putting so many troops on the ground right now. He said security is a huge issue with the government so disabled. And with the escaped felons, it has made things even more difficult. He said the military will be setting up around the banks and fuel dispensing stations tomorrow, as well as trying to order the general chaos of the desperation of the people. There is no fuel right now, he told me his feet are his motorcycle! Love his humor in the midst of such dire circumstances! He was able to get a little of his monthly support money out of the Fonkose bank today, but they are only releasing small amounts because they have a limited amount of money. He said he thinks they will give a little every day when they are open and that here again security is an issue even away from PAP. He said he thinks they will open the port in St. Marc in the next couple of days when they get military in place there as well. He said the aid help has not really been able to get to the people yet. Actually he said they are still trying to get it out the wrong way. But he is sure they will get it figured out. Whenever I say to him, "Rob, it is difficult." He says to me, "Brother, it is Haiti!" Such great patience and understanding, what a remarkable man. I revel every time I spend a few minutes interacting with him. He said whatever food they have is being shared. There are many mouths to feed. They are going with out to send what they have to the sick and wounded. The church is working hard to help as well. This is such a huge undertaking, but they are not giving up. And we must not either. This is a resilient people, and while poor and starving on so many levels, they are also courageous and hopeful. May God show mercy on them in their time of mourning, and may we weep with them, that healing may come with the dawn. The darkness is deep, but must at last give way to it's much more vast and powerful counterpart, the light! May God shine that light tonight upon this darkened land, and may it's powerful gleam catch the eyes of the world, that the world might know, and that we might join in this great redemptive work! Out of the rubble and deaths decay must come a brighter, nobler day! Blessings to all!

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