Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burning Desire

Day 1 is about done and it was a big one. With lots of hands and hard work, the beds are made, cleaning supplies are in place, and more cleaning is done. Beth said they worked hard all day and tonight they are ready for food! I am putting up some pictures of the beds and ladies at work. They spent some time working with Robinson's kids teaching them some of the games they brought in for the children.
At one point Beth discovered a spider she said was 3" in diameter. I didn't think a spider could find anything to eat to get that big in Haiti! Maybe it was her eyes that where 3" in diameter! Wait until she reads this post tomorrow! The boys took care of it for her. Actually, she's pretty calm about those things when she is there, not so much when she is here!
Another point of news is that Rob and Naromie have taken in another child at their own home, and Beth said she is a sweetheart. Her name is Tina with the 'i' pronounced long. She is nine years old. At this rate, we are going to have two orphanages running, one at Rob's house and one at the orphanage itself! What incredible people they are. We are so blessed to be walking beside them in ministry.
The table in the picture is kind of the centerpiece of activity. It was also hand crafted by one of the men in our Haitian church family. The children will spend a fair amount of time around it doing craft activities, watching a movie now and then when there is electricity, and eating and interacting with one another. Robinson was adamant about having this in the orphanage. He remembers all the good things that happened around the table when he was an orphan, and is really excited for the children that will be taken in. As I shared in my first post Tuesday evening, this has been a dream of his he has shared with me often. A burning desire to help the lost children of his country as he was helped. So many dreams never come to fruition in this land of devastation, people live their whole lives with a dream that never comes true, they die hungry, without cures, without tears, without hope. But here is a rainbow in a land flooded with loss, a promise of hope to small tender hearts crushed by the fierceness of a ravaged and brutal country. A salvation from the tyranny of the deprivation of love. A dream come true for one orphan now given to another. God is Good!
Time will go quickly, and there is still much they are working to get done. We pray for expediency and efficiency for their goals tonight. Thanks for all your words of encouragement on their behalf, they are reading them daily. Blessings continue.

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Gallo Family said...

Hello girls! It was good to see you both and see the things that are getting done! I got to chat with Doyle tonight, not often to catch him to talk :) Things sound like they are coming along great! Deloris, I sent an email to your family and co-workers so they can check out the blog.... Dad is doing good.... I asked him how it feels to be on this end of the Haiti adventure..... :) I hope you are enjoying every minute of you visit.... give them all my love... Hug Tina and tell her I said Welcome to the family.... can't wait to see a picture of her and hear all your stories! God bless you.... The girls and I pray and talk about things each night... They wanted me to tell G-MA DEE Hi and they love you! And to Bethy too! I love you both!