Saturday, September 11, 2010


It's morning right? Sorry, my day didn't go quite according to plan, so here it is a few hours late today.
The women finally made it back from shopping for the rest of the needs for the orphanage. Beth and Deloris weren't allowed to go because the people all felt it would have been too much. It took the ladies six or seven hours to get the list of stuff Beth, Deloris and the ladies put together. Except for the bigger charcoal stove, everything is ready to go. There is food, utensils, pots and pans, tubs and soap, buckets and barrels, lamps and much more. We are ready for the orphans.
The orphanage has been a bustling happening place for the last couple of days. The people are so taken with the endeavor, they are so happy. Beth said you can read it in their faces when they walk through the door. She said the atmosphere inside the orphanage is so warm and inviting. Today many young people came through and are amazed. They are telling our ladies how thankful they are we are doing this for these children. Several said they would like to stay. Many of them want to help. I think this is going to prove to be a great asset to Robinson's church ministry. While it is not a church ministry as such, it is a ministry of the church to care for the orphans. And I think our church family in Haiti is going to get much joy out of being able to serve their community through the orphanage. It is a wonderful thing.
Beth said the ladies were exhausted when they walked in tonight with all the purchases of the day. Meckson went with them and stood guard all day in the hot sun over the purchases for the ladies. One by one the purchases were made. Then they loaded everything into a bus and brought it back from the countryside. They went to the countryside because that is the place to get the best deals. They are a frugal people,and know how to stretch what they have. We are so thankful to be working alongside of them. We are blessed with air conditioned/heated malls, out of the wind, the rain, and the hot sun. Today it was very, very hot in Haiti, and the girls shopped in that heat, not for themselves, but for the continuing vision and dream that is coming to fruition, the 'Orphan Dream Ministry'. My hat is off to them and my heart is humbled by their service. It makes the ministry all that much more special when you know the commitment of the hearts behind it. Deloris said she sweated more today than in her lifetime combined! That's hot! I'm sure they are looking forward to a reprieve as they travel home, they probably won't be delirious about our northern cold front that awaits them though!
Beth got all the stuff organized for the school children for Robinson today. With everyone's help on the local level here in Traverse City, we are putting over 55 kids in school this year! It is incredible. These lives are being changed right in front of us, and what an opportunity for us to exercise God's gifts to each of us by helping a child get an education that can change a Country's future!
Our ladies hit the road in the morning to catch a 12:10 p.m. flight out of Port Au Prince. Pray for safety as they journey home over the next two days. We will stay active on the blog with pictures and stories as they arrive home. Blessings again.


Jake T said...

Way to go ladies! You have made us all so very proud. Such encouraging news to see the rubber meeting the road with this dream coming to fruition right before our eyes. God is doing a good work here, can't wait to talk with you both. God be with ya's on your journey back.

Anonymous said...

Good evening! We are sitting at the internet all by ourselves....Wow! Robinson must really trust us!!! He plugged the fan in and we have been sitting here reading the blog and getting cooled down. He had to go put gas in the truck to get us back to Port au Prince in the morning. (He said we are going to leave at 6:30 - 7:00 am.) It is wonderful to be able to get on here to still feel in touch with our loved ones at home. Don't worry baby, I am coming home! It is hard to leave these children here but I know they are in good hands and feel very confident God is doing a great thing. Deloris and I have been sharing a lot and both of us feel that this was the right time to come. It wasn't something we tried to make happen, He has worked out every detail and it has been amazing to be on this journey together! Deloris sends her love to Ray and her family. Hugs to Kelly, Krystle and my Sweetie! We will be home to all of you soon! I know you are all proud of us that we could get on the blog in Haiti and send a message by ourselves! :) We have to go home to pack and get our cold showers so we'll be ready for morning. By the way, we were able to get everything done on our list for the day.....thanks to the prayers of all of you! Blessings to you tonight from Beth and Deloris in Haiti!