Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sky Captain

What is up with this? All these trips in, and never a sky captain, this morning, our women get a sky captain who smoothly transports the luggage from the bus drop off clear to the ticket counter(a long jog for those who have done this with 45 suitcases). They had one little mishap over parking the car this morning(they still need us guys!), but with a little aid from the kind bus driver the crisis was resolved for the damsels in distress, and as of now they are airborne somewhere between Detroit and Miami.
The presence of the sky captain this morning is just another pointer to this concerned husband that God goes before us, and nothing will stand in the way of His plan. Our first step of faith in His plan is often a step into the darkness, but then He takes over and reveals His power and sovereignty! So I leave to the workplace with confidence. Will post later when I get a moment. Blessings today!


Faithe said...

Praying for Beth and Deloris as they make this inaugural trip....what an exciting adventure, and I'm sure Robinson is pinching himself to believe it's true. I wish we were closer to become more involved in your ministry....but our prayers are with you nonetheless!!! Love to all of you.

Pastor said...

Thanks Faithe, will pass the word along. We wish you were close by too!