Friday, September 10, 2010


Today was a day of meetings, trying to assemble the team who will run the orphanage for now, it was also the day we aquired the first two orphans! Here is Beth's email to me along with some pictures. Will blog more later on this evening, wanted to get this out hot!!!

"It's me! I just wanted to give you the names of the ladies helping us. Natacha is going to do the laundry for us. She has the bright yellow shirt on in the picture. LaMercy will do the cooking and she has the light yellow shirt on. They got some food for everyone to eat (rolls and avocados) and she took right over and served everyone! Naromie will be helping for sure and seems very excited! She was just getting back to the house from the orphanage when we were leaving for the internet and she thought we were going back to the orphanage and she said "I better go back with you". We can tell she has a lot going through her mind at the moment.
Liline is our new little girl in the white dress. This is Arcine's niece from the country-side. She is beautiful as you can see and is absolutely a sweetheart. Bernado is getting so big and he is so happy to be coming to the orphanage. He was so happy to see me and was not so shy today. He is a sweet boy!
We are doing very well and feel very blessed to be here and be able to witness all of this today! We have lots still to finish between tonight and tomorrow."

So as you can see, a great day for the ladies. These children both have very sad stories, and I will write more later about their history. For now, they both have a new home, a place of hope and help. We are so grateful for this opportunity, and so thankful to God that He is making this all possible. Blessing until later!

P.S. The other lady pictured here is none other that our beloved Deloris with LaMercy. Just thought I would point that out, in case you were wondering.


Gallo Family said...

I have to say.... My heart is so happy to see Bernado in the orphanage! I have been praying for him!!! So good to see that smile on Naromie's face! God is working some AMAZING things! Can't wait to hear more!!! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

What great work you both are doing for these children of God. I will pray for your safe trip home and to be able to finish up what you need to do, Linda H