Wednesday, September 8, 2010


...4:40 A.M. Can't sleep. What a conundrum, the very thing needed for a trip like this and your mind and body denies you sleep. Must be I am suffering empathy pains! So I called Beth and they are about ready to head down to the shuttle. She didn't sleep much last night either. The excitement courses through your veins, expectation, anticipation, and finally dread... dread that if the alarm does not go off... what if I fail to hear the phone ring, can't miss the flight, can't fail the mission. Wow can we lather on the responsibility! I have to laugh at myself on occasion. I declare how much I trust God with one side of my mouth, and then fight with the physiological side of my being that seems to resist my faith and understanding. I guess that is why the scriptures talk about being conformed to the mind of Christ, there is a bending, a molding, a prying of myself into the place of rest sometimes, the place of full surrender and resignation. God will pull this off, not us, not me, not my time, but His, not my way, but his.
Adrenaline, sweet adrenaline kicks in over the next couple of hours, bags are carried and lugged, waiting in line, checking in at the terminal, passing security, and then your through. You walk forever to your gate, your wide awake now, your ready to go. Now you just have to wait until you land in Haiti! Pray for safe travel for the girls today, for good flights and calm hearts. God is in charge of this trip, and assurance is a blessed commodity! For now I will darken this screen and rest, soon my alarm will sound and I will call again to lend support to their journey. Blessings come with the dawn!

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