Friday, September 10, 2010


One of the trials of Haiti is the massive spending of emotions. Unless you have a heart of concrete, Haiti will crush it. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it will compromise your understanding of your reality. When you interact with these people in the midst of their hardships and very intense struggles, when you see them tapping something so deep that allows them to keep going, it is at moments overwhelming.
Today was one of those days. Beth and Deloris listened in on interviews with ladies wanting to work with the orphanage ministry, desiring to come along beside their pastor in bringing this dream to fruition, and they heard from some very golden hearts. Beth said there were lots of tears. At one point the women told them that they would accept as payment whatever God told Robinson to pay them. They said they needed to help the children of their country, and this is something they could do. In a land so desperate for so much, these are truly words of faith and inspiration to us all. Would to God we could be satisfied with what we have instead of always pressing for more and more. We always look for tomorrows opportunities instead of grasping what is right in front of us.
They also listened to the sad stories of the little children. So much pain, so much struggle, yet they can still smile, and love, and laugh. Children are amazingly resilient. And these children, well they are just incredible. Help me pray my wife comes home, if you noticed her look in the picture on my last post, you will understand. Her heart gets lost on these kids! I just hope she doesn't forget me! LOL
God is working out so many details for this operation, it is simply amazing. Beth was so fired up she had Robinson call me to tell me to call her earlier today! She could hardly contain herself with what is happening in bringing this work to a functioning orphanage. She had to tell me as soon as she could. At one point I asked if the electricity had been on at all since they had arrived. She told me it came on last night, stayed on all night, and was still on this morning. That never happens! God's hand is all over this little journey. We are rejoicing in His goodness and mighty provision. I am going to run for tonight, but will write more in the morning. Blessings to all!

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