Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wheels Down!

The ladies are safely in St. Marc tonight! The day of travel in went really well until the trip up to St. Marc. They were met with a pretty good rain storm, and if you know Haiti, hard rain creates hazards of flooding almost instantly. Beth said they saw many flooded homes along the way, with people standing outside. I can't imagine what those living in tents right now are going through. At one point a big truck slid off the road right in front of them. Fortunately they avoided the accident and made it on into town. The trip was so slow that they ended up traveling in the dark, which makes driving in the rain doubly, maybe triply dangerous. That said, they are safe and have eaten. Beth said Deloris is doing good, and that they were going to get out needed supplies for the night.
It has been a long first day, it always is on these trips, the morning starts so early and the connections going into Haiti are limited so it is hard to get in early coming from Northern Michigan. By the time you are able to get to bed, you have seen a difficult 16-18 hour day. So they are tired tonight. The rain cooled things a bit, hopefully they can sleep well tonight. They will be anxious to get to the orphanage facilities in the morning, and will be excited to work with Robinson laying out the supplies and starting organization.
We are so blessed by the generosity of so many in realizing this dream for Robinson. On Memorial Day of this year, God made it clear to me that the time for action on the orphanage had arrived, it was wheels down time! It's almost hard to believe that from Memorial Day to Labor Day, all the necessities would be in place and that in that short period of time the dream of many years would come to pass. I have witnessed many miracles in my life, but I never cease to be amazed at the handiwork and mighty performances of the Sovereign God of this universe. I pray we never lose our awe of Him. I too am weary tonight, so will end this post for now. Until tomorrow, blessing at eventide!


The Hasse Family said...

Beth and Deloris,
So glad to hear you have arrived safely. I'm praying for you both to get some good rest for the tasks at hand. Bless you both for all you are doing. I'm with you in spirit and praying for you daily. Love you both!!!

Gallo Family said...

Beth and Deloris... I can't imagine what your ride must have been like! I woke several times and thought it must have been my time to say a short pray for your journey these next couple of days! We love you both and are SOOO proud of you both!!!

Faithe said...

So glad they arrived safely. Will continue to pray for them as they perform the tasks at hand, believing the Lord for strength, patience, wisdom and endurance for the journey. Looking forward to the updates from your end!!