Saturday, September 11, 2010


Beth and Deloris just left this as a comment under my last blog. I thought I would share it as a post because some will not see it under comments. Here it is.

"Good evening! We are sitting at the internet all by ourselves....Wow! Robinson must really trust us!!! He plugged the fan in and we have been sitting here reading the blog and getting cooled down. He had to go put gas in the truck to get us back to Port au Prince in the morning. (He said we are going to leave at 6:30 - 7:00 am.) It is wonderful to be able to get on here to still feel in touch with our loved ones at home. Don't worry baby, I am coming home! It is hard to leave these children here but I know they are in good hands and feel very confident God is doing a great thing. Deloris and I have been sharing a lot and both of us feel that this was the right time to come. It wasn't something we tried to make happen, He has worked out every detail and it has been amazing to be on this journey together! Deloris sends her love to Ray and her family. Hugs to Kelly, Krystle and my Sweetie! We will be home to all of you soon! I know you are all proud of us that we could get on the blog in Haiti and send a message by ourselves! :) We have to go home to pack and get our cold showers so we'll be ready for morning. By the way, we were able to get everything done on our list for the day.....thanks to the prayers of all of you! Blessings to you tonight from Beth and Deloris in Haiti!"


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