Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Orphan Dream Ministry

The journey is in full swing. Deloris and Beth are safely nestled in Detroit for the night. Fairfield Inn has been absolutely great about our stays, they keep our luggage right behind the front desk so in the morning we simply walk it out the front door to the shuttle and the drivers load it up. They are taking six suitcases of supplies for the orphanage along with a few miscellaneous school supplies and necessities for Robinson's family that he was unable to take back after his visit because of the embargo.
What a ride this summer has been. A great dream is coming to fruition, and God has assembled all the details. While the girls travel and work over the next few days I am going to try to share some of the aspects of this wonderful ministry that is coming to pass through the dreams of an orphan, the prayers of many Haitians, the efforts of many people, and the marvelous provision of God Himself.
You ask me how our orphanage started, it started with the rescue of an orphan. Some thirty years ago, some passionate and dedicated people fulfilling a vision took in a small six year old orphan boy, and through love and compassion, filled that boy with hope. That little boy grew into a man, and that man God has used to start a wonderful ministry among his people. Out of the shadows of his past, a dream was born, and today marks another great milestone in realizing the fulfillment of that dream.
Our ladies journey with the goal to put the rest of the orphanage facility into full swing, forms and paperwork, sheets and towels, paper and play, and utensils and place mats are among the many things they carry to care for the children that will soon have a place to stay out of the rain and the sun, out of the poverty and hunger, and out of the isolation of not being wanted. Bunk beds are in place, along with tables and chairs. The home has been cleaned, and many preparations already done. Robinson has been working hard since his return, his goal is to have children by the end of September.
The title of this post is also the title of the orphanage Robinson is starting. I will spell out more of the meaning in the next couple of blogs, but suffice it to say tonight, that with the women en-route, a once orphaned little boy called Robinson now turned man, daring to dream at all, is filled with expectation of their arrival, and is very happy to get these ladies working on behalf of the awakening of the dream for this amazing and gifted young man who desires to share his dream with the lowly lost children of Haiti. May God grace our ladies with swiftness and strength for their journey, and bless the beginning of this wonderful work. Thanks for following, the road has turned a new bend, we are delighted to have you along! Blessings tonight.

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Gallo Family said...

I find it interesting the flow of this blog and the previous one! Reality..... Breaking ground and having water!!!Now the reality of the orphanage! God IS the one to count on! It is an awesome feeling seeing God work so many Miracles! Thank you Doyle for posting again ;)