Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is the newest addition at the parsonage in Saint Marc. She is a little girl from Desdunes, another orphan Rob and Naromie have taken in at the house. This now brings the count to 5 that they are taking care of. Adeline is a little sweetheart. A great temperament, a beautiful smile, and a willing worker. She was so thankful for any food we gave her. She didn't really care for the taste of the Coco Wheats, but never complained, she just ate them up! Someone is buying her a Sunday dress and I am shipping it in with the drill bit. She is a delight.

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reyhl6 said...

wow, I'm just about in tears just looking at this girl. I miss her so dearly and wish I could have just taken her home with me, along with all the other children in Haiti that I am also missing so much. Adeline was a blessing from God sent to warm and melt our hearts, not only while we were in Haiti, but as we look at beautiful pictures of her bright shinning personality