Friday, April 3, 2009


Yesterday morning before leaving the hotel, we had our last devotional time together. I read my three recent blogs, and the comments. It was quite an emotional time for us all. Especially reading the post on "Angel's". You will not connect with that post like we can. Being in this country, away from our way of life, surrounded by such surreal, unbelievable poverty is at times unnerving. Our exposure was raw, and raw is tough to take. But these loving people were our buffer zone. They made it possible for us to swallow the culture on a daily basis. Without them, it would have been impossible to get done what we did. So now, as we are away from them, we are all touched by a sense of loss. We miss them. Their devotion stimulates our devotion. We are prone to lose our focus. This trip brought us all a fresh focus. Don't take for granted what your freedom allows you today. Freedom of faith is not to be taken for granted. Do not trample on your liberty and luxury today by neglecting your place of quietness with God. Pray for these people and pray for the team that has gone. We have all come back to unique and difficult battles. I slept very little last night. The new computer I had taken in to Rob had come up missing. I was heartsick all last night. I should have had more faith, but caved to weariness. He found the computer this morning! So as I am re-entering the American work and fly zone, I am reminding myself of the need to stay the course of my devotion. It's easy to fall in love with things again, I want to make sure I keep it real, and I would encourage you, as well as our team to keep your focus clear today. Make certain what is the priority of your life, and don't let go! Blessings. Here's a shout out to all the team members as well as our friends in Haiti reading this post! Tidings of joy to you all.

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