Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Advent Conspiracy"

What a great name! This Christmas past a group of committed Christians at the Keswick United Methodist Church decided to spend less on themselves and save for a special missions outreach. To get fresh water to some third world country. This is a huge problem for the impoverished and destitute. Many, many children die each year because of water borne diseases, or the simple lack of water all together. Because of a God appointed connection between a family at that church and our work in Haiti well drilling among other things, was that this gift was sent to Robinson’s ministry in Saint Marc. One of the goals of this team trip in was to get the well drilled while we were there. Fighting against mountainous obstacles through the course of the week, especially with regards to getting the well drilled, it is the one disappointment of our journey that did not get completely done. However, just because it did not quite get done while we were there does not mean it is not getting done. Sometimes God gets greater glory by setting aside our plan and gifts to make sure He gets the credit. Many of you know that my profession outside of the pastorate is ‘water well drilling’. And I can promise you that I was looking forward to fulfilling this charge on this trip into Haiti. But it seems God had other plans for me. He seemed to have been more taken with character development and relationship building rather than running water before I left. I must confess, I was looking forward to the significance of this accomplishment in bringing water to these people as a water well driller. But guess what... that’s right... not my plan but God’s plan is what gets done in His time. So in the aftermath of this trip, I have to let you know that as I discussed getting this well finished with Robinson, and trying to contract help for him, He said to me the last day before I left, “Brother, it seems you are to leave this to me, you have done your part, now let me do mine!” Whoa! What a way to be told to sit down by God! Since we left Saint-Marc, things do continue to be done. The sidewalks are finished, the hungry are fed, and the well will be finished too. I have another drill bit to send and am just waiting on a couple of other items to be sent and the package will be on its way. What is yet to be realized by the “Advent Conspiracy” is that they had hope for one well, and the net result is going to be more than one well from their sacrifice. It still amazes me the way God works. I don’t have time to spill all the details here, but just know that God uses the most unusual circumstances and people in the most fascinating ways when we commit in faith to Him. I was fortunate enough to be blessed to be a part of this amazing work by these amazing people. “Advent Conspiracy” may you be blessed today and in the future as you realize the amazing things God does through those who stand up to be counted for Him! Blessings today!

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