Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Give me a Break!

I stumbled across this picture today and had to laugh. Very seldom do you get to glance at Robinson taking a break. He was a constant force of motion while we were in Saint Marc. He is a good administrator, but is very busy himself. At night he stayed with our team at the property and under the big tent, leaving his wife at home. Talk about dedication, our safety and comfort were not an option to him, but a necessity that he oversaw constantly. As I already mentioned in my post called "Angels" we had many eyes on us through the week, but Robinson was the person overseeing all those watchful eyes. And he was reported to by all. He always knew when things happened, and always followed up on making sure people were as comfortable as possible in this uncomfortable land. We were blessed. So when the lens of the camera caught this picture of Rob taking a break, it was a well deserved moment! That smile is awesome.

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Noah said...

Yeah Rob that is what I'm talking about. This is a man that will sit still(maybe only for one second) and let God do the work that needs to be done. Love you Rob!