Thursday, April 2, 2009


We had a couple of tough incidents happen the last day we were at the property.
The first happened just before lunch time. I was working on the well, and heard an awful scream. I ran for the gate, afraid of what I might see. As you know in Haiti, vehicles have the right of way, the biggest first down to the smallest, and well...pedestrians, they have no rights at all...unless it’s a child. Now there’s a different matter all together. As I ran through the gate, I looked across the street to the crying, pleading eyes of a little girl, blood streaming from her head. Everyone was pointing down the street to a motor bike, and I quickly assumed he was the fellow that had hit her. It was funny, everyone was more interested in assigning blame to the rider, and the girl stood there helpless as the people stared at her not knowing what to do. I snatched her up and carried her across the street and into the property. I wasn’t sure where her mother was, but I needed to get her into a quieter arena to access the damage. We take it so for granted being able to call 911 dispatch, and immediately have the assurance that emergency personnel are on their way. But in Haiti, there is no 911. She was bleeding from her head, and her legs. We had brought a first aid kit from home this time, and it just happened to be there in the lock up at the back by the bathrooms. The boys quickly got it to me, as the girls had already left for the house. We finally got the bleeding under control, the wounds on her head quickly clotted and I treated the places on her legs. I had them send her to the hospital to get her checked out. And I think she is going to be okay. Later in the afternoon a little boy got his finger smashed in the gate. It was bad, the base of his fingernail was protruding from broken skin. As I washed it and sterilized it, Robinson came up with rubbing alcohol and said put this on it. I about died. I said Rob, that is going to sting, he said I know, but if you don’t do it, he is going to get infection. So Autumn gathered him in her arms, and we administered the treatment before putting on Neosporin and bandaging it with gauze. He never complained, and when we had given him Tylenol, he thanked us. My heart aches for the children of Haiti. I trust through time we are able to offer clinic services at the property. I know I may be dreaming big, but I serve a big God! So with Him I can dare to dream for such things! Never take 911 for granted, be thankful for our health care system. It is still the best in the world by a long shot! Blessings.

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Ann C. said...

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. I can't imagine how this experience has deepened your faith. It is obvious that you are all on fire for Jesus. Looking forward to hearing more about your travels. God Bless You All! Safe Travels. Love Ann C.