Saturday, April 25, 2009


It’s amazing to me what the flash of a camera will reveal. It’s a split second of time, yet it exposes whatever is in the darkness. You see, not everything in the dark is bad. Brightness is often radiating in a form undisclosed until light reveals its image. This picture is one of those moments. I have often been taken by the brightness of the Haitians in the midst of such suffering, desolation, and poverty. But something else also amazes me, the outreach being extended toward these people. Our current trip in was like the flash of a camera compared to the lifetime most of these people will live within this dark country. But in an eight-day flash, we exposed a lot of hidden brightness. I love the glow of their smiles. It takes a trick or two to capture their smiles on camera, but it is always worth it. Of course it can be tricky capturing us American’s smiles as well. Back to the outreach thing… among us are some very brave individuals, willing to set aside the comforts and safety they feel at home to stretch their wings and soar to meet an altogether different culture, or flock of people. Thus were these that traveled with us on our trip to Haiti this time. The energy I observed expended on behalf of these people was nothing short of stunning! The gospel alive is what I have seen. And the glow on these faces says much about the hope that lives in this darkened land. I rest easier tonight knowing that the love that these have shared on our recent journey will not come back void. God is at work, and is at work largely! The flash of the camera grabbed the brightness of these faces reflecting glowing hearts, and we cherish that glow. May it burn brightly and long for these people. Blessings again.

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