Thursday, April 9, 2009


Autumn in a comment made about last nights post called "Adeline" used the word "beautiful". It struck me. As I have shared many times in my posts, Haiti as a country is not beautiful. There are flowers there that are beautiful, there are dragonfly's and butterfly's, there are beautiful things there, but it is not a beautiful country. There is actually much ugly throughout this land. From houses, to broken vehicle's, to trash in the rivers, storm damage, it is a land ravaged by years of misuse, and inappropriate infrastructure. It is war torn and pock marked with disaster zones of all sorts. But there is a beautiful attraction in this land of oppression. It is it's people. 99% of the time as I walked the streets of Saint Marc, when I called out Bon-Jour, I received a greeting back with a warm friendly wave to accommodate the greeting. They wanted us to snatch them up in the lens of our camera, I think to forever capture them in a place where they would not be forgotten. I am with Autumn on this one. These are beautiful people, and it is hard leaving them. It would be great to have a number of them around. They are unforgettable, on many levels, unbelievable. The daunting circumstances of their county are etched in so much of what they do, and yet these pictures remind us that the human spirit touched by God can overcome the most unreal challenges. And do it with joy! I have faced frustration's embankment several times since returning from Haiti. Some of it is simply a reaction to the press and fury of our culture that misses so much in our disastrous press for more that is actually returning less. But some of it is wrapped up in what Autumn confessed. I miss these people, I wish their suffering could end, I wish no child tonight was going to sleep hungry, cold, lonely, afraid, and rejected. Pray for these children before pillowing your head tonight. And may God answer your prayers by granting a Haitian a full stomach, a good nights rest, and the warm embrace of God's love to carry them through another day. Blessings.

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leegrant99 said...

It is so good to continue to read these posts. When your group left Haiti I was sad that I would no longer be a part of it through these communications. But now I see that just as this Haitian journey continues, so too can I continue in it! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Today at Keswick Church Rick, Karen, Autumn, Noah and Luke Reyhl shared their part in this journey through photos and their words. Each, as you know, have unique gifts and insights to give and share. They touched us all in different ways. And to see the story continue through your photos and words means so much to me too. I feel I am coming to know these people and this country even though I have not been there...yet. Many of us at Keswick have been trying to discern where God wants us to be right now. And, yes, the way our 'Advent Conspiracy' (mentioned in a previous post)and our small group's fellowship and discussions evolved into this mission with the Reyhl's with you is truly a God thing. For while we all know that monetary donations are needed by the world we were somehow missing the relationship with these same people of the needing world. We were also missing the continuity of a long-term mission that can do so much over time. You have just that and may God bless you and your work! Lastly, thank you for sharing the beauty of the Haitian people living and surviving in the midst of such 'non-beauty'. I look forward to continuing this journey with you in whatever ways God has planned for me.
Lee Grant