Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I had mentioned in my earlier post about the care our team received from Rob and Naromie. But you must know the circle of our care was much bigger than just them. We were surrounded by angels all the time. They walked us down the streets, they gathered and took our trash, they carried our bags, they cleaned our clothes, they washed our shoes, moved the furniture from the tent for us to be able to sleep. They taught us their language, washed our dishes, mopped the floors, hauled water, and gas, and the generator. They helped with the children’s services, they held our hands in the dark, they guarded us at the intersections, they protected us at the airport and in travel. They were our angels, and we are missing them. Keep these young hearts in your prayers, that the fire of hope will not be squelched. We are in awe of them. It was harder than you can conceive to leave today. But bright hope burns that we can return to build on what is growing. Pray that we seize direction and opportunity as God opens the doors. Time to catch the plane to Detroit. I wanted to get a couple of posts up for you tonight. We are all tired, and having a bit of culture shock. It was strange to walk on flat carpet here at the airport. A weeks worth of rocky ground makes one more adept on our feet than in customarily needed Stateside! Kelly and Noah thought that the concrete looked so clean and nice that they laid down outside the airport on it and took a nap! God continues to go before us in this mission, and already today has produced some amazing provisions! We are counting our blessings, and hope you are too. Until later, God speed and God bless!

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Gallo Family said...

Glad to hear you were taken care of so well! :) Look forward to hearing stories from everyone soon! Safe travels home! Alisa