Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We missed our fried bananas this trip. I asked Robinson what the problem was, and he said it was a crop shortage. They lost many of the trees in the hurricane last year. He tried to get us some fresh ones for breakfast a morning or two, but there just weren’t any to be had. On our way to Port this morning, he was going to try one more time to get us our treat, but the driver took a shortcut, and out the window went that one. But at one point he motioned the driver of the bus over, and came back on the bus with Mango’s for all. What a wild and juicy experience. I will be wearing Mango juice for the rest of the day. Rob neatly cleaned his up right down to the seed, while the rest of us dribbled, and gnawed at the unusual fruit. I told Rob his big lips benefited him with this fruit:). It was good and we enjoyed the fruit. You don’t get much while there. Speaking of bus drivers, that driver we got for our trip in came by yesterday afternoon while we were ministering to the kids and threatened Rob with jail. The team set to praying and I asked God what to do. I remembered I had hired a policeman twice to escort Rob into Port to get shipments for me because it was so dangerous. I asked him where the policeman was, and he said close by. I was not going to have this happening if there was something I could do, so I sent Rob to him. The policeman said the driver was wrong, but for Rob to get a lawyer. The policeman called the lawyer, who Rob hired last night, and the lawyer said he would get the matter settled for him. We left him with the money the lawyer said to clear the matter up, and Rob took a big sigh of relief. He is a very non-confrontational person, and that is what has helped him stay safe. But I could not let people’s money be wasted on a crook, so I had to hold a line. It was an underlying point of tension our whole trip, but we were all happy last night, and even more happy that Robinson was protected and feeling better. A sure sign that you are doing things right is when the enemy fights so hard. But our God is bigger, and when we need Him to fight for us, we just pray and unleash the heavens. I think it was good for the team as well. As i was working through the heat of the circumstance last night, I caught them circling together out of the corner of my eye to pray. I am sure it was a great faith builder for them, for all of us. We were never unsafe, but none of us wanted to leave Rob in such a bad circumstance after he and Naromie took such good care of us through the week. They were incredible, and stayed ahead of the demands of our team at every step. It was a great week! Blessings!

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