Monday, April 20, 2009


This is a very disturbing word on several levels. The first being that we typically just don't like this word because of it's connotation. We use it flippantly, as a false pretense, but few of us really understand this word, and in all honesty, try to avoid the grasp of its tentacles. But every trip to Haiti reminds me of this word. As I contemplate our recent trip, and peruse the pictures, these of the noon time prayer are some of the most revealing, and disturbing pictures I fasten my eyes upon. As I have already mentioned, noon prayer is where approximately 100- 150 people show up at the property each day to pray. They pray from 12:00-2:30 p.m. And desperation is written all over their countenance. They are fasting, and many not out of choice, but necessity. There is no food at home, there is no work for food, there is no food for energy to work. Starvation is written all over their culture, erodes their bodies, saps and deludes their wills. Survival at this desperate level is not just difficult, it is nearly impossible. People are dying all the time. And yet as they pray and worship God they are on a different plane than me. Starving, and yet they bring more energy to their worship than would seem possible, joy permeates their faces and catches me with awe, for out of their desperation they know more of God and understand his will better than I! I spoke from Psalm 130 while I was there, and David declares that out of the "depths of his heart, he cried out to God." In our culture very little takes us to the depths of our soul. Very, very few are begging God for breakfast. We blame our government, or cry out "unfair", or seek for handouts. We label God "uncaring", all the time falsifying the real place we need to get to before Him who alone can resolve the human plight. Let us learn from these people not to bite the hand that feeds us, to resign ourselves more fully to his Sovereignty. It will work out in the end, He has promised that to those who believe. I hope we never have to fully experience what these desperate people have to experience day in and day out. Let us learn from them the proper dependence we need to have on God, let us not force Him to strip us, or continue to plunder ourselves by not seeking Him. Let us fully understand our human plight. We need Him, we need to desperately seek Him, perhaps through us He is resolved help heal this land of the Haitians. What greater privilege could we have than that. And in so doing, see our own country repaired along side of these desperate ones. Let us learn of desperation, let us understand... that we be part of the cure, and not the cause! By the way, these women are outside the tent because the tent is full. We couldn't get inside the tent for pictures, there were too many people inside! Blessings today!


Gallo Family said...

Thank you for the post this dreary Monday morning! We have so much to be thankful for! and that post just reminds us of that! I am so thankful in so many ways today! I will remember today to thank God for the food I do get to eat whenever I want something! God Bless your week! You have encouraged ours!!!! We love you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi to you all in Hatti. With Alisa Jim and Ray going to Hatti, I hope to learn from them and know my life will be changed too in a small way. Call me one of those mothers that worry. Well I am one of those loving mom's that do.
I have been watching the time to see Where you are, I look at the clock and see that it is 2:00, So you have a half an hour till the plane leaves for Hatti. I can't even imagine what it will be like to land and see all the poverty that you will all see. Especially those that have not been to Hatti. I will see the Movies of Alisa's and Jims. My prayers and thoughts are with you and will pray for you for safty and Love to you all. Peace Linda Hasse